Microsoft Spartan on Widows 10 to get OneNote like annotation feature for webpages and Cortana integration


We already know that Windows 10 would be getting a new web browser along with Internet Explorer 12 which would get many exclusive features. Codenamed, Spartan, this all-new web browser in Windows 10 would be the first ever web browser to get OneNote like note taking features for webpages where the user can add annotations on the webpages using Stylus.


We have already seen the images of the Spartan browser where it looked pretty simple and clutter free with just necessary items on the view. Now, Tom Warren on The Verge reports through sources that Microsoft will add the note taking features of OneNote to Spartan where users will be able to take quick notes on the webpages by using stylus of their tablet/hybirds.

Spartan browser from Windows 10 mockup
Spartan mockup

The notes would be saved online to OneDrive and would sync to all devices running your Microsoft powered OneDrive account. Spartan will save the whole webpage to the OneDrive along with the annotations which would let others users edit them and add their own easily.

Microsoft is also aiming to bring the Spartan to all devices running Windows 10 whether it’s a PC with mouse and keyboard, tablet with touch screen running continuum or mobile device running Windows 10 on mobile. Microsoft will make the Spartan available from Store which means you will be getting regular updates to it similar to other Modern apps.

Same experience across platforms

Spartan would carry the same interface and features across all platforms but, the software giant isn’t releasing the universal app in Store which can run on all platforms instead, mobile devices will get separate version on desktop/laptops/tablets and mobile devices will get the other version. But, they look almost identical and will work in the same way.

Cortana integration

Microsoft is also adding Cortana integration in the Spartan which means you will be able to perform different functions using your Cortana like when searching for a flight using the address bar, Cortana will automatically show suggestions and tracking information for your flights.

Grouped tabs will help you organize opened tabs

Another awesome feature which would be added in Spartan is the grouped tabs which means you will be able to group similar tabs in one to free up space on the tabs bar of Spartan. This feature would be very useful for people who keeps a lot of tabs opened and want to organize them in a good manner.

Microsoft will be unveiling the Spartan in Windows 10 during the January 21, 2014 event where the software giant will unveil Windows 10 on PC, on tablets and mobiles phones.

Source: The Verge

Image via: Neowin


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