Microsoft Spartan browser will run on Windows 10 PC, tablet, phone and Xbox


We already know that Microsoft is aiming to launch a new browser in Windows 10 which would bring many exclusive features to a browser. The browser codenamed, Spartan would be the successor of Internet Explorer 11 and would work in parallel to IE12. Spartan will also run on all platforms where Windows is running whether it’s a Windows 10 PC, tablet, phone or the console Xbox.


Brad Sams on Neowin reports that Microsoft Spartan in Window 10 will run on all platforms where Windows is powering it. Spartan would super-seed the Modern-IE 11 of Windows 8.1 on all platforms.

Although, leaked screenshots have already showed us how the Spartan will look in visual design and many of its exclusive features have also been reported. Now, it seems Spartan will also support Flash on selective platforms where it is already available like Windows on PC, tablet and Xbox.

Brad also reports that Spartan will become the default browser for users in Windows 10 due to its features but, Internet Explorer 12 would be used to get backward compatibility for older websites.

Microsoft will unveil more details about Windows 10 and Spartan in its January 21, 2014 event where we may also get a glimpse of this new browser.

Source: Neowin


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