Microsoft Shares Details about Windows 8 Store


Microsoft has finally shared the details of Windows Store. The store would have a spotlight category first, followed by other categories, users would be able to narrow down the apps using different filters, downloading and updating of apps would done in background and the newest addition of knowledge, users would be able to sync a single installed app in just five machines.

Jonathan J. Wang, in an official blog of Windows Store, shared details about Windows Store. Although, many things were already announced in an event specially held for Store preview where we saw the complete details and preview of Windows Store but, some things are new such as, all the apps would be synced with maximum five devices and further installation of that app on other devices would require the user to remove that app from some other device.

Here are the things which were shared in that article by Jonathan;

  • Windows Store would contain a spotlight category which would show the latest apps in the whole store. That spotlight category would be the landing place of new users entering the Store.
  • All other categories e.g. games, music, entertainment etc. would also be available.
  • All the categories would be shown on the same page with scrolling options just like Metro-UI of Windows 8.
  • Users would be able to jump to a specific category or see the whole preview of Store by zooming out. Microsoft calls this ‘zoom out’ as ‘semantic zoom’.

Semantic Zoom is Windows Store (Click to Enlarge)
  • Users would be able to search apps in the Store by using the built-in search.
  • There would also be an option of narrowing down of search by selecting different filters e.g. free/paid, popular etc.
  • All the Metro-Style apps would be downloadable from the Store.
  • Certified Desktop apps would also be downloadable from the Windows Store as well.
  • There would be free, paid and trial apps
  • The app’s description, screenshots, ratings and price would be included in the apps description page just like other markets e.g. Android Market and App Store etc.
  • The apps would be downloaded in background and during the download process users would be able to search further apps in Windows Store
  • Users would be able to see the download status by clicking the download manager.
  • A notification would be seen that the app has been downloaded and clicking that notification would open that app.
  • Regular updates would be sent for apps and the updating process for all the apps would be taken in background by just one click similar to Windows Update.
  • Users would be able to search different apps right from the search Charms Bar in Windows 8 and without opening the Windows Store. Clicking the app’s name in search results would take you directly to the app’s description page.
  • All the Metro-Style apps downloaded from Windows Store would be synced with Windows Live ID of that user and can be further synced with four more machines. User would asked to remove the app from a machine in-order to sync that app to the sixth machine.

The Verge claims that the paid apps would be priced starting from $1.49 to $999. There would free and trial apps in Store as well beside the paid ones.

We will see an active Windows Store in Windows 8 Beta which would be released for public in late February.

There are also some leaked features of Windows 8 which would be included in Windows 8 Beta. You can see the complete list of rumored or leaked features in an article covered us on which rumored or leaked things about Windows 8 are now confirmed?.

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