Microsoft reportedly testing an Office Outlook client for Windows RT


Microsoft is reportedly testing an Office Outlook client for Windows RT devices which will bring the china viagra functionality of Outlook software of Office to Windows RT users.

Office Outlook

Although, Windows RT has its own Office known as Office RT but, it doesn’t include the Outlook application which leaves the Windows RT users with the pre-installed Mail app which comes with limited functionality only.

Now, ZDNet reports through sources that Microsoft is testing a Windows RT version of improvement with canadian female viagra Outlook which will bring all the functions of Outlook for x86 devices to ARM based Windows RT.

Although, Microsoft is testing the Outlook on Windows RT devices but, it’s still unknown whether it’s an Windows 8 style app or it would be included in Windows RT like Office RT.

ZDNet also reports that there is a debate going on in internal Microsoft divisions where some wants to bring Outlook to Windows RT while others don’t. But, the software giant isn’t disclosing anything officially and also, there are chances that these Outlook testing may remain internal forever and public may never see Outlook on Windows RT devices.

Source: ZDNet

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