Microsoft releases new Windows 8 video comparing the Dell XPS 10 with Apple iPad


Microsoft has been targeting the iPad by Apple lately in every manner including the funny yet interesting Windows 8 VS iPad comparison video where the voice assistant, Siri was showed not being able to do all tasks like Windows 8 tablet. The previous video had Asus Vivo Tab running Windows 8 and now, another video has been released with Dell XPS 10 tablet being compared with Apple iPad.

Microsoft releases new Windows 8 video comparing the Dell XPS 10 with Apple iPad

Windows 8 due to its productivity features is surely better than the Apple iPad but, still iPad has some leads. But, Windows 8 tablets being cheaper and still getting a lot of features is considered to be more successful.

The latest video by Microsoft with Dell XPS 10 and iPad comparison highlight few features of Windows 8 (Windows RT is this case) like the semantic zoom on the Start Screen which isn’t supported by iPad’s iOS. Other things being compared are SD card support, multi-tasking and their pricing.

The most interesting thing like the last video is the iPad’s Siri talking about Windows 8 tablet being cool in multi-tasking and refusing to accept SD card due to lack of slot. The video ends with Siri saying about the price of XPS 10 tablet i.e. $399 to be cool as compared to iPad’s $599.

You can watch the video yourself after the break.


Isn’t the video too funny?

Source: Windows Videos on YouTube


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