Microsoft releases new security cumulative updates for Windows 8.1 – Download now!


Microsoft has released a new set of security and cumulative updates for the Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as part of Patch Tuesday Security Bulletin. The updates includes fixes for vulnerabilities in Windows and its different components like Internet Explorer etc.


The following updates have been released as part of Patch Tuesday for the month of March 2015:

  • MS15-018 – This update fixes the vulnerability in the Internet Explorer which could allow remote code execution after the user visits a specifically crafted website.
  • MS15-019 – This update fixes the loop hole VBScript Scripting Engine which could allow remote execution of code.
  • MS15-020 – This update fixes the vulnerability in the Windows which could allow remote code execution.
  • MS15-021 – This update fixes the Adobe Font Driver which could allow remote code execution.
  • MS15-022 – This update tends to fix the Microsoft Office for vulnerabilities which could allow in the remote execution of code.
  • MS15-023 – Vulnerability in the kernel Driver mode could allow to get elevated privileges of a user.
  • MS15-024 – The vulnerability in the PNG processing could allow disclosure of personal information.
  • MS15-025 – Vulnerabilities in the Windows Kernel could result in the elevated privileges of a user.
  • MS15-026 – Vulnerability in the Microsoft Exchange server could result in elevation of privileges.
  • MS15-027 – NETLOGIN’s vulnerability could result in the spoofing.
  • MS15-028 – Windows Task Scheduler could allow security bypass of features.
  • MS15-029 – Information disclosure could result by Windows Photo Decoder Component.
  • MS15-030 – Bug in the Remote Desktop Protocol could result in the denial of service.
  • MS15-031 – This update fixes loop hole in the Schannel which could allow a bypass of security features.

The updates count to 32 for all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 PC’s whereas, there are only 4 minor updates for Windows 10 which are available to be installed.

It is recommended to install these updates immediately to prevent any unwanted behavior or disclosure of information to third person.


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