Microsoft releases an update for Flash Player of Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8/RT


Microsoft has released a critical update for the pre-installed Adobe Flash player for Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8 and Windows RT as part of ‘Patch Tuesday’. The update fixes vulnerability which could allow a hacker to gain access to your computer and take over its control.

Microsoft releases an update for Flash Player of Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8/RT

Adobe released an update for all its products and it includes security update for the Flash Player for Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8. Although, the Adobe products get the updates automatically but, since Windows 8 includes the Flash Player as pre-installed app therefore, only Microsoft can update it. Microsoft releases an update in co-ordination with Adobe to it's cool update Flash Player of Windows 8/RT.

The latest update is recommended to be downloaded to keep your computer safe from any hacker activity and to keep browsing the internet safely.

The update is available for download from Windows Updates and must be installed immediately. If, you have the automatic update enabled then, you don’t have to worry about installing the update but, if, it is disabled then, you might have to install it manually.

Source: Microsoft Security Center

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