Microsoft re-initiates the Surface 2 ad campaign with huge graffiti artwork [Image]


Microsoft seems to be re-initiating the Surface advertisement campaign which included the making of graffiti’s on different locations around different cities of US. Now, Microsoft has also shared images of the similar Surface painting on another building depicting the launch date and slogan of new tablets.

Surface 2 graffiti artwork

The official Surface Fanpage on Facebook has shared a couple of images (high resolution one posted above) which seems to be the graffiti artworks of Surface 2 tablet with its launch date and slogan ‘lighter and brighter’ on it.

The new advertisement campaign seems to be similar to original Surface RT launch campaign which included the graffiti artworks on different locations as well as huge banners on public places across US and some European countries. The location of the current graffiti’s wasn’t shared but, it seems that Microsoft has re-initiated the advertisement campain for its upcoming Surface tablets.

This time, Microsoft seems to be making it subtle and instead of making the tablet advertised, the features are being showed in a more-mature manner.

Microsoft would be launching the next generation and updated Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets on October 22, 2013 priced $499 & $899 and above respectively.

Via: Neowin

Source: Surface on Facebook | Image source: Surface on Facebook


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