Microsoft may name Threshold as Windows 8.2 instead of Windows 9?


Microsoft is internally working on the next version of Windows codenamed Threshold which is expected to be released as a preview in late September where it will include many new features like Start Menu and Cortana integration etc.


Although, Threshold is the internal codename for next Windows and the public version would evidently be called ‘Windows 9’ but, there are some speculations that it might be called Windows 8.2 which may suggest that it is an update for Windows 8.1.

We know that Threshold will have a Start Menu on the desktop where it will feature tiled interface with live updates similar to that of Windows 8.x and Microsoft also mentioned it to be released as an update which might suggest it as an update for Windows 8.1.

Neowin also reports that some internal sources are referring it as Windows 8.2 but, its most unlikely since Windows 8.x has not been that successful in the market and Microsoft may want to move on to another name. Additionally, Microsoft just delivered an update for Windows 8.1 named Update 2 aka August Update which was previously rumored to include Start Menu but, it ended up being a normal Patch Tuesday update.

Neowin further reports that Microsoft will make the Threshold free for Windows 8.x users who bought a license which might mean that it would be free for Windows 8.1 users. Microsoft may add the option to upgrade to Threshold from Windows 8.1 to get the latest OS for free of cost which will make it a free update.

Threshold will include many new features like return of Start Menu, ability to run Modern-UI apps on desktop in windowed mode, Charms Bar will be removed and Cortana would be making its way to this desktop OS. You can read more about Threshold’s feature on our sister blog,

Microsoft is expected to launch the Preview of Threshold in late-September or early October and we will be able to see what’s new in it and what Microsoft decides to name it.

We will call the name, Windows 8.2 for Threshold another rumor since Microsoft may not want to name another major OS release after a almost-failed OS i.e. Windows 8.x.

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Source: Neowin


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