Microsoft DOS comes to Windows Phone 8.1 with Windows 3.1 and early interface – Hands on


If you have been using the Windows PC’s since the last two decades then, you will be familiar with the Microsoft’s most-popular command-based OS, DOS. Now, Microsoft has brought the popular commands based OS, DOS to the Windows Phone 8.1 and almost all the commands can be used in it.


If you are not familiar with DOS then, it was developed by Microsoft for the PC’s manufactured by IBM. MS DOS was the OS of those PC’s which were introduced 33-years ago and it was released even before the launch of Windows OS.

The MS-DOS mobile for Windows Phones lets you get the scoop of MS DOS on your mobile phone with the same user interface and commands.

You can use the “cd” and “dir” commands to change the directory and view the elements in a specific directory.

You can also use the MS DOS mobile to launch the apps like Camera, Contacts, Calendar, Maps and the Internet Explorer. The app comes with ASCII camera which takes pictures like the cameras used to capture 3-decades ago.


The app also comes with basic interface and functions of what could be found in the first ever Graphical User Interface (GUI) based Windows, Windows 3.1.


You can also play the VGA game, Rock and Scissors after selecting the appropriate commands which will let you get the taste of early DOS based games.


If you are looking for a way to test out the MS DOS on your Windows Phone 8.1 device, then start downloading the app from the Store link below where it is available for free and enjoy its features.

Download MS-DOS Mobile


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