Microsoft bringing Cortana from Windows (Phone) 10 to Android and iOS through project Einstein


Cortana, the digital voice-based personal assistant of Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 for Phones and PC’s is the best ever digital-assistant on smartphones. Now, the software giant, Microsoft is planning to bring the Cortana to other mobile platforms including Android and iOS.


In an interview with the Reuters, Microsoft’s Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research has said that Microsoft plans for bigger roll out of Cortana. This big plans of roll out means bringing the Cortana to other mobile platforms including the most popular Android and iOS which have over 90% of combined mobile market share.

Project ‘Einstein’ will be the advanced version of Cortana

Microsoft has announced a new project named ‘Einstein’ which will work with Artificial Intelligence to help Cortana become more intelligent to be able to work more effectively.

Microsoft aims to use Cortana to help users in everyday life like reminding them for specific tasks and performing tasks automatically depending on the preferences.

Cortana’s artificial intelligence will help the assistant to perform tasks automatically like reminding of flights by looking at the data in the emails which were received by user a few days ago after confirming the tickets.

Microsoft aims to bring the Cortana to Android and iOS with the launch of Windows 10 for Phones and PC’s later this year but, exact timeline for the launch of Cortana on competitive platforms hasn’t been announced yet.

For those of you wondering about how Microsoft will bring Cortana to Android and iOS, the answer is simple. By using apps! Yes, Cortana will be available as a stand along app from their respective app store from where it will be available to download for everyone.

So, will you prefer to use Cortana on Android/iOS or still prefer the Windows Phone?

Source: Reuters


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