Maestro for Windows Phone is the Modern email client for Windows Phone 8.1 with more exciting options


Maestro, the well-known email client app for mobile devices by the developers of popular Rowi Twitter app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone is finally available in Windows Store. Maestro is not just a regular email client app instead, it takes full advantage of the Modern interface of Windows Phone 8.1 and provides multi-account support along with some advanced features.


Although, initially available in preview, this awesome cmail client app will surely make you switch from default email services of Windows Phone, to this modern app with exciting features.

This awesome app includes all features of a regular email app like fetching new email, reading them, composing new ones and/or delete and move them to different folders. This app also provides you with multi-account feature for and Gmail accounts letting you add as much account as you need.

This app will also take advantage of the ‘swipe left/right to delete’ and ‘tap and hold’ to edit gestures once the Windows Phone 8.1 with Update 1 is out of Preview which is restricting the use of APIs for these features.

Maestro is still available in early preview which means you might face some hiccups during its use but, this email client app is a must have one if you have multiple accounts to use and want to manage them on your Windows Phone.

Maestro is available for download for free as a preview from Store where it has a download size of just 2MB.

Download Maestro preview

Maestro Preview for WP 8.1


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