Leaked Windows 10 build 9901 includes overhauled Store, PC Settings, Xbox, Calculator and Getting started app [Images]


Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9901 has leaked onto the web for download and it is one of the best builds till date. It includes full-functional Cortana with the ability to wake her up by saying ‘Hey Cortana’. The build also includes a couple of apps which have been revamped completely in interface.

PC Settings:

Updated PC Settings iN Windows 10

PC Settings app is now called Settings and all the elements of the settings app have been updated. You will now get large group icons on the PC Settings similar to the Control Panel in desktop of Windows 8.1. Once on small screen, the icons changes to list view and becomes similar to the Windows 8.1 PC Settings ones.

Xbox app:

Xbox app WIndows 10

Microsoft seems to have updated the Xbox app of Windows 10 build 9901 with a completely new interface which is black in color but, shows more options on the screen with the profile in center. The navigation menu is on right side of screen with the profile and achievements showed in center. Your friends are showed on right.

Getting Started Guide app:

Getting Started Guide Windows 10

Microsoft has also included Getting Started Guide app in the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9901 which includes tips and other tutorials about using the different features of Windows 10.

Calculator app:

Calculator app from Windows 10

Microsoft has also overhauled the Calculator app of Windows 10 with a new interface. The app is black in color and there are no buttons for digits instead, just plain black with digits on them – seems more bold and Modern. You can select from different calculator modes like programmatic, scientific and regular one from left navigation pane which pops up. You also get converter, similar to Windows 8.1’s calculator app, which lets you convert different units into others.

Store app:

Updated WIndows Store in WIndows 10

Microsoft is finally revamping the Store in Windows 10 with a new interface which as per the screenshot looks pretty nice. You can get navigation pane on top where categories and account related buttons can be seen along with ‘download’ link. You can access Settings from the navigation pane as well. The app lists and categories have also been updated and just like other apps, Store also has greyish-black theme.

The Store app will also show music and TV/Films suggestions which seems to be a good step towards unification just like Android and iOS do.

Well, we are sure the above features are few of dozens found in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9901. We will be posting hands on soon. Stay tuned!

Images via: AngelWZR, PCPortal


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