A new screenshot of Windows 8.1 code named Blue has appeared showing the ‘Computer’ from Windows 8 aka the ‘My Computer’ in Windows 7 has been renamed again to ‘This PC’.

Leaked screenshot shows the 'Computer' renamed to 'This PC' in Windows 8.1 (Blue)

The screenshot posted on shows that the Windows 8.1 has again got the ‘Computer’ named changed to ‘This PC’ which is awkward because, it doesn’t make any sense except to mention that you are exploring ‘This PC’ which is obvious.

The build of the leaked screenshot showing ‘This PC’ hasn’t been displayed nor mentioned but, it seems that it may be from latest builds because, previously leaked builds 9385 was still using the ‘Computer’ name. It may also be from the build 9391 which has reportedly being distributed to OEM partner networks and it has been called the Developer Preview.

If, we look at the history then we will come to know that Windows 7 used ‘My Computer’ name which was changed to ‘Computer’ in Windows 8 and now, it has been changed again to ‘This PC’ in Windows 8.1 which is still be released.

Some more changes in the leaked screenshot includes the ‘Downloads’ and ‘Desktop’ link to the main Computer This PC folder.

Windows 8.1 would be an update for current Windows 8 users with many new features and changes. Windows 8.1 would be released for public as a preview in late June as said by Microsoft whereas, the final version can be expected in the holidays season this year.

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