Latest Windows 8 Store’s Images Shows Bing Maps and Some New Metro Style Apps


 The latest Screenshots of Windows Store have emerged. Some games like flow, puzzle touch and train titans etc can be seen along with new Metro-Style apps like SkyDrive and Bing maps.

The images were leaked by PCBeta showing some new apps and games downloadable from Windows Store. The app details page can also be seen.

Games such as Flow, Hive Mind, PuzzleTouch, Cut The Rope, and Train Titans are can be seen in the images which would be included with some more games, whose names were leaked previsously.

The biggest and probably the best addition is the Bing Maps app which is now available as  Metro-Style app in Windows 8.

Let’s take a look at the images:

Windows Store's main landing page with featured apps on the left side

Windows Store showing some games available for download

Downloading SkyDrive app from Windows Store using the built-in download manager

Different Microsoft apps previously available as non Metro-Style ones

App Details Page Showing the SkyDrive app

We also saw some images of Windows 8 Consumer Preview build 8250 couple of days ago.

We will have to wait and look at the images until we get our hands on Windows 8 Consumer Preview when it would be released on February 29.



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