Latest ad by Microsoft shows Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 as superior against MacBook Air [Video]


Microsoft has released a new video ad highlighting yet another Windows 8 hybrid-tablet from Lenovo and comparing it against the Apple’s MacBook Air. The ad shows the thickness of Yoga Pro 3 by Lenovo which is 4mm thinner than the 17mm of MacBook Air.


Microsoft has been releasing new video ads to highlight the features and productivity of Windows hardware devices and in the latest installment, the software giant is comparing the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 with the Apple’s well-known MacBook Air which is probably the most popular notebook, available.

The ad shows the thickness of both laptops where Yoga Pro 3 is thinner as well as the Yoga Pro 3 has touchscreen which is missing from MacBook Air.

Another feature of Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 is versatility where Yoga can act as a laptop, hybrid, in tent mode and/or as tablet whereas, MacBook Air only can work in laptop mode.

Source: Windows on YouTube


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