Internet Explorer 11 is now the most popular browser in the world on desktop PCs


Internet Explorer 11, the browser which comes pre-installed in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 is now becoming the most popularly used browser in the world. Internet Explorer takes about 58.5% of all browsers in the world and now, Internet Explorer 11 is becoming the most used version of Internet Explorer.

According to the statistics by Net Applications, Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser in the world and interestingly, Internet Explorer 11 is the most popular version of IE.

Coming to the global market share of browsers, Internet Explorer takes 58.49% whereas, Chrome is the second most used browser on desktop PC’s with a share of 21.25%. Firefox comes on third with total 13.91% of market share.


Coming to the different versions of Internet Explorer, IE 11 has become the most popular IE version taking a total of 24.05% which has surpassed IE 8 for the first time since its launch. IE 8 was launched with Windows XP about 14 years ago and it’s not surprising to see IE 8 slowly fading just like what is happening with Windows XP.

Increased usage of Internet Explorer 11 is also not surprising since Windows 8.1 has also a huge spike in its market share during the month of October 2014 which went from 6% to 10.92%.

Source: Net Applications


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