How to View All Apps on Pressing the Start Button in Windows 8.1?


4 New Features of the Windows 8.1 to help make the integration with Modern-UI better are:

1. Option to boot directly to desktop
2. Option to go to ‘All Apps’ section
3. Option to view desktop apps first in ‘All Apps’ section
4.  Use desktop wallpaper as Start Screen background

Being the Desktop lover, if you would not like to use the newly introduced tiled-based Start Screen of Windows 8.1, then you are offered to see the ‘All Apps’ view on Start of the Windows. Here, just the icons and the names of apps are showed instead of the tiles.

By default, Windows 8.1 is set to show display, like the one given below, at the Start of Screen:


But, Microsoft has provided us the options to view all apps instead of seeing the Start Screen. What you are required is to follow the instructions to change the option:

1.   First of all, open up the taskbar Properties; either by right clicking or tapping and holding on taskbar.


2.   Select Properties from small context menu.

3.   In the pop up window, just press / click ‘Navigation’ tab.


4.    Now, Check ‘Show the Apps view automatically when I go to Start’.


5.    Press ‘Apply’. Next time you press the Start Button on taskbar or in Charms Bar, you would be taken to ‘All Apps’ view of Start Screen. New Display would be like the one, given below:

  • trish

    so why does my windows 8.1 have only the “Taskbar” button NOT the “Taskbar and Navigation” button so you can’t click on the Navigation Tab? The Taskbar tab is exactly the same in the above photo with the Navigator Tab MIA.