How to stop/remove Windows 8 apps from running in the background [Tutorial]


Are you annoyed by few Windows 8 apps which keep running in the background and keep consuming memory? You can disable them easily by few clicks.

Windows 8 lets you run certain selective apps to run in the background to keep you updated with the latest news from that apps. Apps like News, Mail, People, Skype and more are set to run in the background to keep you updated with latest news, mails, notifications, newsfeeds, and messages but, these apps consume a little bit of memory while running in the background.

These background running apps start themselves when you login to your Windows 8 PC and they keeps running until stopped manually. Although, the background running apps are automatically terminated when your system needs more memory but, still sometimes the PC starts to lag just because of the background apps. Good news is that you can disable these kinds of apps from running in the background and they won’t start again without your permission.

Just follow the instructions below to stop these kinds of apps from running in the background.


  • First of all, identify the app which is running the background. You can do so my going to Task Manager (search for Task Manager on Start Screen). Here you can see the apps that are running the in the background.

Note: Mail, Messaging, People and Calendar are showed in combined form as ‘Communications Service’. If, any of them is running then, this will appear in Task Manager.

  • Once you have identified the apps which are running the background, simply open that app and go to settings Charms by pressing ‘Windows key + C’ and then selecting ‘Settings’.
  • In settings select, ‘Permissions’ to go to the permissions menu.

  • You would be showed all permission the app has. You would see the ‘Lock Screen’ option if, the app runs in background. Turn that off by moving the slider switch to the left side.

  • Once turned off, your app will stop running in the background.

You can repeat the above process for all the apps which you want to stop from running in background.

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Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.

  • mmg1818

    Charms by pressing ‘Windows key + C’ and then selecting ‘Settings’.
    In settings select, ‘Permissions’ to go to the permissions menu.

    i have windows 9 and no see where is ‘Permissions’

    or you have windows 9 ?

    • First open an app then, the Permissions option will appear.

      • mmg1818

        now i see, thanks.

  • Joaco

    Thank you very much. Very well explained. It solved the problem

  • Sam

    Doesn’t work for all apps. Some apps don’t have that option in the permissions menu.

  • goddammned

    This only applies to apps. I have a program running in the background that runs via the desktop and IS NOT A APP…. How the fuck can I remove this program from starting up if it’s not an app? FUCK WIN 8…

    • anonamyous

      ctrl+alt+delete, go to startup, disable it

  • cavern9

    This didn’t help at all. I have apps like Reader and Store that load themselves into memory at boot up. Closing them only works for that session. Restarting the computer loads them back in again and there are no options under Permissions that appear to disable that.

    • nimmika

      run your command prompt and type in ‘msconfig’ and go to startup. it will then direct you to the control panel where you can then disable certain programs from automatically starting up everytime you turn your computer on

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  • HBP

    When I hint Windows C, I don’t get those options at all (I don’t get *any* options).

  • Shyboy Cali

    i have win 8.1 and i dont see permissions in the settings.. I tried going to task manager and ending it, but it still loads up on start up every time. AND MSCONFIG tells me to go to TASK MANAGER to disable….this is a runaround circle…cntrl, alt, delete brings up the same sequence….none of these work…the app i want to disable never gets permanently disabled. It still comes at startup….(its the communications service app)

    • You can’t disable the ‘Communications service’ until the Mail, People and Calendar apps are running on your PC. Try, stopping them from running under Lock Screen which will disable it. You can do so from PC Settings.

  • How are there 92 background processes running when i only use opera?

  • How are 70 processes running in the background if i haven’t downloaded anything on my laptop? >.<

  • How to turn off background process on windows 8?
    is there an app to turn it off? my laptop is working so slow i cant even use it and i just ordered it a week ago