How to Refresh your Windows 8 RTM installation without losing apps and files


Windows 8 includes an awesome feature which lets you refresh your Windows 8 installation without losing any data, apps and customizations but, you Windows 8 copy is refreshed with new files. This feature removes the need to re-install whole Windows 8 and it also takes less time as compared to full installation.

The refresh option of Windows 8 is automatic and you don’t need to do anything after the process has started. This tutorial will guide you on how to refresh your Windows 8 RTM installation.

What will happen?

You Windows 8 installation would be refreshed and your Windows 8 apps (downloaded from Store) would be kept but, desktop apps would be removed. Your personal data would be kept as well the customization would also be saved.

Note: It is recommended that you don’t refresh your Windows 8 installation if, you have some desktop software installed which is not available as a source because Windows 8 will remove all the desktop apps.

First things first:

It is recommended that your backup your important data before refreshing your Windows 8 installation.

Just follow the instructions below and you would have your Windows 8 copy refreshed in just minutes and best of all, you won’t lose any apps, files or customizations made to desktop and Start Screen.


You must have the following things in-order to refresh your Windows 8 installation.

  • You must have a USB/DVD mounted with Windows 8 RTM
  • You must have at-least 8GB of free storage in Windows 8 RTM installation folder i.e. C:/

After you have fulfilled the we like it cialis to order above requirements, you can proceed to the refresh procedure.


  • First of all, go to ‘PC Settings’ by going to ‘Charms bar’ > ‘Change PC Settings’.
  • Now, navigate to ‘General’ in ‘PC Settings’ and search for ‘Refresh your PC without affecting your files’.
  • Press ‘Get Started’ and a pop-up dialog box would open. Here the Windows would check your PC for compatibility.
  • After checking, you would be displayed list of things which would happen. Press ‘Next’ and Windows would require you to plug-in a Windows Media. Here plugin your Windows 8 USB or insert your Windows 8 DVD.
  • Now, Windows will scan the media and buy cheap prednisone prompt you to restart in-order to continue. Press ‘Refresh’ to continue.
  • Your PC would restart.

Note: Be sure to check out that your PC don’t boot from Windows 8 bootable media otherwise, the whole Windows 8 installation would be removed from partition.

  • Now, your Windows 8 refresh process will begin.
  • After, the refresh process has reached the 100% mark, your PC would restart again.

Note: Be sure to check out that your PC don’t boot from Windows 8 bootable media otherwise, the whole Windows 8 installation would be removed from partition.

  • Now, after restart your PC drivers would be installed and then, you would be showed the Out of Box Experience tutorial.
  • Then, you PC would get ready followed by installation of apps.
  • After, about 10-15 minutes, you would be taken to the Start Screen where the apps would be there along with the click now customization but, the desktop apps would be removed.
  • Your desktop customization would be there and you would also see a IE file on desktop named as ‘Removed apps’ which would show all the desktop software which were removed from your PC during refresh.
  • That’s all. Your Windows 8 has been refreshed.

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