Windows 8/RT lets you pin any app/software to Start Screen of Windows 8 as a tile but, the option to pin files/documents to Start Screen isn’t there. Now, an app can pin files to the Start Screen of Windows 8 easily with just one press of a button.

If, you are one of the people who want to access some files regularly then, this app is best for you. You can pin any file to Start Screen of Windows 8 easily with just two button press and open it normally like other tiles. The best thing is that there is not restriction in how much tiles you pin to your Start Screen.

You just have to install the app named as ‘Tile a File‘ and you would be able to choose the file which you want pin to Start Screen of Windows 8. When the file has been selected, you will have the option to pin it to Start Screen of Windows 8.

Simply press the ‘tap to make a tile’ or press the image in app to make a tile for that file on Start Screen with green color and name of your file. Once created, the app will close automatically.

Pressing the file tile on Start Screen will first launch the app and then, immediately, your file would open.

You can pin any type of file as tile to Start Screen of Windows 8 using this app and the number of tiles is also unlimited.

You can download ‘Tile a File’ from Store for free or from the link below. It can found either by going to ‘Tools‘ category or by searching in Store.

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