How to Permanently Remove Build 8400. Evaluation Copy Watermark from Desktop of Windows 8 Release Preview


You can now remove the ‘Build 8400. Evaluation Copy’ watermark from desktop of Windows 8 Release Preview permanently and it won’t appear again unless you refresh your Windows 8 copy. With this third party utility you can remove the watermark easily by just on click.

My WCP watermark editor is the utility which was designed for Windows 8 Consumer Preview to remove watermark but, luckily, it also does the job in Windows 8 Release Preview and it works pretty well by removing the watermark from desktop.

Although, we have previously provided a quick way to remove the watermark from desktop of Windows 8 RP without using any third party application but, that option hides the watermark temporarily and it comes back on certain conditions. This new tricks removes the watermark permanently and doesn’t allow the watermark to come back again.

Just follow the instructions below and your Windows 8 Release Preview won’t show watermark again.


  • You would need to download the ‘MY WCP Watermark editor which can be found here or alternatively, Softpedia link found here


  • First of all, open and extract the zipped folder.
  • Now, open the ‘My WCP Watermark Editor’ utility.
  • You would see the ‘Edition, ‘Build’, ‘Restriction note’ and ‘Start mode’ fields in the window opened by utility.

  • Clear the ‘Edition’, ‘Build’ and ‘Restriction note’ fields.
  • Now, click ‘Apply new settings’.
  • The utility would remove the watermark. During the removal process you would be shown a progress bar.
  • After few minutes, you would be asked to ‘click to reboot’. Reboot your PC by clicking the link.
  • Your PC would restart. Once your windows reboot, simply go to desktop and change your wallpaper and the watermark would be gone.
  • The watermark won’t appear back appear again unless or until your refresh or reinstall Windows 8 copy.
  • That’s’ all.

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Update (Important!)

You would only get one chance to change watermark. If done improperly, you won’t be able to change the results again. You would be notified that ‘Are you sure you are on Windows 8 Beta?’. So, if you followed the above instructions properly, then your watermark would be gone.

Thanks to our Google+ follower (Naveed H.) for the tip.


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  • Sharukh Bhoelan

    hi i could change the watermark different times! i just rename it to: Windows 8 Release Preview with Media Center, removed the “evaluation copy” text and leave the Build number, just like window 7