How to make Adobe Reader app the default PDF Reader of Windows 8/RT [Tutorial]


Adobe recently released the Reader app for Windows 8/RT which is similar to the Reader app by Microsoft. But, some people prefer to use the Adobe Reader as their default PDF viewer but, there is a problem with that. You will have to set the Adobe Reader app as the default PDF reader app to launch Adobe Reader when you open a PDF file otherwise, the Reader app by Microsoft will open.

Setting the Adobe Reader as default PDF viewer is simple and can be done in few seconds but, you need to be sure what to do. Don’t worry! We will be helping to you set the Adobe Reader as the default PDF reader app of your Windows 8/RT.

Just follow the instructions below to set the Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer app.


  • Assuming you have the Adobe Reader app installed. Go to Start Screen and search for ‘Default’. ‘Default Programs’ would be showed in results. Press it.

  • Default Programs window will open on desktop. Here press ‘Associate a file type or protocol with a program’.

  • Another pop-up window will open. Here you will see a list of files types and their default programs. Search for ‘.pdf’ and select it.

  • Press ‘Change program’ on top of that list section. A small pop-up menu will open asking; ‘How do you want to open this type of file (.pdf)?’.

  • Select ‘Adobe Reader’ from the suggestions or if, you don’t see Adobe Reader in suggestions, press ‘More options’ to view a expanded list of apps. Here you should see Adobe Reader.
  • Once select, Adobe Reader would be set as your default PDF viewer app in Windows 8/RT.
  • That’s all! Enjoy the Adobe Reader app.

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Ahmad Wahid

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