How to launch Cortana from lock screen of Windows Phone 8.1 when password protected


Cortana, the personal voice-assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 is truly a personal digital assistant which can do many tasks for your including takes notes, remind you of events, search and browserfor you as well as tell you jokes and identify songs. Cortana can also be useful to get suggestions for nearby restaurants, shopping and other places easily.


Cortana can easily be launched by pressing the search button on your Windows Phone 8.1 device which will immediately launch the Cortana but, it’s not possible to launch Cortana from lock screen while your phone is locked after pressing the search button once.

Although, single button press won’t launch the Cortana from your Lock Screen whether your phone is locked or not but, you can still launch Cortana from lock screen without the need to unlock your phone with this simple trick.

Whenever you want to launch Cortana from your Windows Phone’ lock screen simply wake up your devices (you can also use double tap to wake up) and long press the search button for ~5 seconds. Your Cortana will launch and you can use it for regular tasks.

It is to be noted that Cortana can only be used for voice commands by using this method whereas, the text based commands won’t work as Cortana immediately closes if no voice command is given. Cortana won’t also open personal information and apps aren’t accessible until you unlock your device but, you can search on the internet, make a call, set reminders/alarms as well as get latest weather/news updates.

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