How to install apps from Store for Windows 8 which aren’t available in your country/region


Windows Store for Windows 8 has been divided into dozens of different regions around the world and each of the zone has different apps. Although, major app developers target global audience but, some developers like their app to be available in selected regions only either due to the features or language problems e.g. Chinese app can’t be used United States unless you know Chinese. Users who are outside that region can’t download that app as its not available in Store.

There are dozens of the apps in Store which are not available globally or their features differ from other regions. There is no way to get that app in your region but, you can set change your region to some other which will let you download the app.

Before proceeding further, lets talk about the limitations about the trick of changing the region.

  1. You may be able to download the app but, you might not get the app services in your area if, they are not available in your country
  2. You may not be able to use the app in your PC due to the language problems

Now, if you still think you want to get the apps outside your region then, follow the instructions below to change your region.


Method 1- Configuring the Store preferences

You can try changing your Store app settings which should work and they also did for me.

  • First of all, open up the Store.
  • Once opened, go to ‘Settings‘ by pressing ‘Windows key + C‘ and then, selecting ‘Settings‘.

  • Your ‘Settings‘ Charm will open. Here select ‘Preferences‘.

  • Your Store Preferences will open. Here you should see two options with switches.

  • Turn both of them ‘off‘ by moving the switches to the left side.
  • Close the Store app and re-open it. Now, you should have the apps which weren’t available previously.

Method 2 – Changing your region

If the above method doesn’t work and you still think that the apps are not appearing in Store then, you can change your PC region.

Disclaimer: Use this method on your own risk. Some features of your PC might not work after changing your region.

  • Open up ‘Control Panel‘ by going to Start Screen and typing ‘Control Panel‘.

  • Control Panel‘ would be showed in results. Press it.
  • Control Panel will open on desktop. Here select ‘Clock, Language and Region‘ if, you have the Category view or select ‘Region‘ if, you have icons view.
  • If, you pressed ‘Clock, Language and Region‘ then, you can press ‘Region‘ in the next page or if, you pressed ‘Region‘ in the above step simply proceed to next one.
  • In both above cases, a pop-up window would open entitled as ‘Region‘. Navigate to the ‘Location‘ tab in that window.

  • Under ‘Location‘ you will see only one option of ‘Home Location‘. Select your desired location from the drop down menu.

Tip: The most number of apps are available in China but, most of them are in Chinese and then, United States comes on second in app count.

  • Press ‘Ok‘ after you have selected your location. Now, go to the Store and you would see apps which are available in your selected region.

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