How to Hide ‘Evaluation Copy. Build 8400’ Watermark from Windows 8 Release Preview


Windows 8 Release Preview shows a watermark on the desktop showing ‘Evaluation Copy. Build 8400’. This watermark can be hid but, there is no way to remove it permanently.

Just like Windows 8 Consumer Preview where you could hide the hide the watermark from desktop, Windows 8 Release Preview also supports that option but, the method of the trick has changed.

There is also a permanent way to remove the watermark from desktop of Windows 8 Release Preview.

Just follow the instructions below and you would be able to hide the watermark from the desktop of Windows 8 Release Preview in just seconds.

Note: This trick only hides the watermark temporarily and it would appear back on the following conditions.

  1. It would appear back after few minutes, probably 2 – 5 minutes.
  2. When you change the desktop wallpaper
  3. When you change the desktop theme
  4. When you switch aero style or color
  5. When you sign-out
  6. When the PC goes to the lock screen
  7. When you reboot your PC

Now, if you still want to hide the watermark from desktop of Windows 8 Release Preview, below are the instructions and video showing the same is embedded at the end of this article.


  • First of all, right click your ‘Taskbar’ and select properties.
  • In the pop-up window, check ‘Auto-hide the taskbar’ and press ‘Apply’. Your taskbar would hide and it would appear only on mouse hover.
  • Now, go to ‘Personalize‘ by right clicking on the desktop and selecting ‘Personalize’ or going to Charms Bar > Settings and selecting ‘Personalization’.
  • In the personalize window, select the ‘Windows Basic’ theme and then select your desired theme back again.
  • Now, go back to taskbar properties and uncheck ‘Auto-hide the taskbar’ and press ‘Apply’.
  • You would see that the watermark is now hidden behind the taskbar.


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