How to hard reset Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8 to default settings


If, you ever mess up your Internet Explorer 10 settings in Windows 8 and think that the Internet Explorer is not properly functioning, you can always reset Internet Exploer to default factory settings.

Many software install add-ons in Internet Explorer and change the settings which are not according to the user preferences. Those software can also change the homepage and the homepage can’t be changed unless you reset your browser. If, you are one of those unfortunate people then, this tutorial will be very helpful for your and will guide you through the process of resetting Internet Explorer to default factory settings.

Just follow the instructions below and you would be able to reset Internet Exploerer 10 of Windows 8 to default settings in seconds.


Note: This trick to reset is for both Immersive (Metro) and desktop version of Internet Explorer. But, the reset can only be done through desktop version.

  • First of all, open up Internet Explorer. Press the ‘Settings‘ button on the top right side just below the close button.

  • A drop down menu would open. Here select ‘Internet Options‘.
  • A pop-up window would open entitled as ‘Internet Options‘. Here navigate to ‘Advanced’ tab’.

  • You would see the ‘Reset‘ button on the end of that window. Press it.
  • Another pop-up dialog box would open. Here you would be asked that are you sure you want to reset.

Tip: You can also delete your personal settings, website history, saved passwords, temporary files etc by checking the box given.

  • Press ‘Reset‘ and your browser would be reset in a second.
  • After reset, you would be notified to restart your browser and then, the settings will take place.

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  • Andrea Borghi

    this doesn’t work
    not for me at least…
    Is there another way?

    it fails resetting user customizations

  • Cecil

    “First of all, open up Internet Explorer.” *sigh* If I could open the bloody thing I would not be looking for ways to reset it! How about a solution for when the thing won’t start? eg, right-click on icon, choose properties etc…