How to get Windows 8 like icons and look on your Android device easily


Ever wanted to get the Windows 8’s Metro look on your Android device? It’s possible now thanks to developers. You can now get the icons and overall look of Windows 8 on your Android device easily and free of lowest prices for cialis safety cost.

How to get Windows 8 like icons and look on your Android device easily

If, you are an Android user then, you might be familiar with the Launcher Themes which gives you Android devices a unique look easily other than the default Android skins. One such theme also brings Windows 8’s look with interface and icons.

How to get Windows 8 like icons and look on your Android device easily

If, you are a Windows 8 fan and want to give your Android device a look of Windows 8 then, you can follow the instructions below.

Before proceeding to the instructions, you will need to fulfill few requirements:

  • You must have the ‘Go Launcher EX’ app installed on your Android Phone which can be downloaded from here.
  • You will need the ‘Windows 8 Metro Go Launcher EX’ which can be downloaded from here.

Note: You will need to have the Go Launcher theme before installing the Windows 8 Metro Go Launcher ex theme.

Now, when you have fulfilled the above requirements, let’s proceed to their customization instructions.


  • Expecting you have installed the above two items, open up the ‘Go Launcher Theme’ icon from your home screen or from the all apps menu.
  • Your ‘Go Launcher Theme EX’ will open. Here go to the settings and select the ‘Windows 8 Metro Go Launcher Ex’ theme.
  • Your theme would open and you will have the Windows 8 like icons on your home screen and in all apps menu.
  • You can customize the home screen by moving widgets and app shortcuts to/from different screens.
  • That’s all! You have Windows 8 like home screen and icons on your Android device.

You can add different live or still wallpapers as the home screen and all apps screens. There are some Windows 8 like background also available.

You may visit our Tips & Tweaks section for more tips, tricks and tweaks about Windows 8.

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