Ever wanted to get the Windows 8’s Metro look on your Android device? It’s possible now thanks to developers. You can now get the icons and overall look of Windows 8 on your Android device easily and free of cost.

How to get Windows 8 like icons and look on your Android device easily

If, you are an Android user then, you might be familiar with the Launcher Themes which gives you Android devices a unique look easily other than the default Android skins. One such theme also brings Windows 8’s look with interface and icons.

How to get Windows 8 like icons and look on your Android device easily

If, you are a Windows 8 fan and want to give your Android device a look of Windows 8 then, you can follow the instructions below.

Before proceeding to the instructions, you will need to fulfill few requirements:

  • You must have the ‘Go Launcher EX’ app installed on your Android Phone which can be downloaded from here.
  • You will need the ‘Windows 8 Metro Go Launcher EX’ which can be downloaded from here.

Note: You will need to have the Go Launcher theme before installing the Windows 8 Metro Go Launcher ex theme.

Now, when you have fulfilled the above requirements, let’s proceed to their customization instructions.


  • Expecting you have installed the above two items, open up the ‘Go Launcher Theme’ icon from your home screen or from the all apps menu.
  • Your ‘Go Launcher Theme EX’ will open. Here go to the settings and select the ‘Windows 8 Metro Go Launcher Ex’ theme.
  • Your theme would open and you will have the Windows 8 like icons on your home screen and in all apps menu.
  • You can customize the home screen by moving widgets and app shortcuts to/from different screens.
  • That’s all! You have Windows 8 like home screen and icons on your Android device.

You can add different live or still wallpapers as the home screen and all apps screens. There are some Windows 8 like background also available.

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