How to get the Start Menu back and disable hot corners of Windows 8 RTM


Windows 8 doesn’t have the Start Menu nor the Start button and all of the  functions of the Start Menu have been shifted to the Charms Bar and hot corners. The hot corners pops up from the left and right side of screen and can be very annoying. If, you want the Windows 7 style Start Menu back and disable the hot corners and Charms bar then, we have the solution for you.

Users who upgrade from Windows 7 can find it difficult to use Metro-UI and Charms Bar aka Hot Corners of Windows 8. They can’t find the basic Start Menu functions and can be very annoyed. Good thing is that some third party utilities have the solution for that annoying problem. You canbring the Windows 7 style in Windows 8.

This tutorial will guide you the steps of disabling the Charms Bar aka hot corners and bring back the Windows 7 style Start Menu in Windows 8. You can also select to boot directly to desktop by skipping Metro-UI.

Before proceeding further, let’s take a look at what will happen:

  • Your Windows 7 style Start Menu with Start Button will return to the task bar of Windows 8
  • The hot corners and Charms Bar won’t pop-up on the desktop
  • Start Menu will have all the features of the Windows 7 one
  • Metro aka Modern Windows 8 Apps will also be accessible through the Start Menu
  • You can boot directly to the desktop without visiting the Start Menu (optional)

After you have read what will happen, let’s proceed to further.


You will need to download Start8 utility which will do all the work. You can download Start8 by going to this link.

Note: You will need to provide your email and then, the download link will be sent to your via email.

Start8 isn’t available as a free software instead it’s a paid one but, you can always try the 30 day trial before purchasing the software for $4.99.


Before going to the Settings, I assume that you have installed the utility.

Getting Start Menu with button on taskbar:

  • Once you have installed the utility, the Start button will appear on you taskbar. Press it.
  • A pop-up configuration window will open. You would be asked to select the Start Menu style and other settings.
  • You can choose from Windows 7 style Start Menu on bring the Windows 8 Start Screen to desktop.
  • Select your own setting and the configuration will take effect immediately on the Start Menu.

Tip: You can view and launch the Metro (Modern-UI) Windows 8 app from the Start Menu. Just look for the ‘Modern UI Applications’ in Start Menu and you will find all your installed apps there.

Disabling Charms Bar and Hot corners

If, you are annoyed by the Charms Bar and Hot Corners of Windows 8 then, you can disable them.

  • Assuming you have Start8 utility installed right click the start button brought by the utility.
  • A pop-up menu would open. Here select ‘Configure Start8’.
  • The Start8 utility settings window would open. Here navigate to the ‘Control’ tab.
  • You will find the settings regarding Charms Bar and hot corners under the ‘How should the new Windows 8 features work’.
  • You can either disable all hot corners and Charms Bar or disable them individually.
  • The settings will take effect immediately.

Booting directly to the desktop on Windows 8 Start-up:

If, you want to the boot directly to the desktop without stopping on the Metro-UI then, this utility has the solution for that as well.

  • Assuming you have Start8 utility installed right click the start button brought by the utility.
  • A pop-up menu would open. Here select ‘Configure Start8’.
  • The Start8 utility settings window would open. Here navigate to the ‘Control’ tab.
  • Here look at the end of the options. You will find the ‘Automatically go to desktop when I sign in’.
  • Check it and that’s all.
  • Now, whenever you will start Windows 8, you will be taken to desktop automatically.

Tip: Start8 utility is full of features. Only few of them were mentioned here. Don’t forget to explore all the features of Start8 for more fun.

You may visit our Tips & Tweaks section for more tips, tricks and tweaks about Windows 8.

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  • 1stkorean

    Start8 has been around since the Developer Preview, but my question then as it is more so now since we have pricing, why would someone spend $15.00 – $40.00 USD to upgrade to Windows 8, then spend $4.99 more to make it into Windows 7?
    Why not stay with Windows 7 and spend your money on something more worth while?

    • Point to be noted but, its only for those who want the Start Menu back. In my opinion, those who miss Start Menu can simply stay with Windows 7. Windows 8 hasn’t got the Start Menu and it shouldn’t. Installing Windows 8 and then getting Start Menu is useless infact, it completely ends the point of installing Windows 8. Windows 8 is Windows re-imagined and change it better. Isn’t it?

      • 1stkorean

        Ahmad, I read your articles every day and usually agree with you like I do on this. I have used Win8 since the Developer Preview, and must say I like a lot of others did not like it even used Start8, but after installing the Release Preview (NO Start8 or VStart) and using it as my primary OS I grew to like it more and more daily.
        I now have Windows 8 Pro (activated) on my laptop and find it difficult to use my desktop with Windows 7 Ultimate installed.
        Ahmad keep up the good work and know you have a following.

        • Thanks for appreciation and kind words and I 100% agree with you on Windows 7 Start Menu. I am always looking for Start Screen and Charms Bar in Windows 7 and Metro-UI has made Windows 8 so much easy.

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