How to viagra no perscription get different colors for taskbar and windows borders in Windows 8 RTM


Microsoft introduced an awesome feature in Windows 8 pre-RTM where you could select different colors for taskbar and windows borders but, now, this option have been removed by Microsoft in Windows 8 RTM. Good news is that you get that feature i.e. different colors for taskbar and windows borders in Windows 8 RTM through a simple value change. This tutorial will guide through the process of getting different colors for taskbar and windows borders.

Just follow the instructions below and you would have different colors of generic cialis next day shipping taskbar and windows borders in seconds.

Note: Although, you would be able to get different colors for taskbar and window borders but, the window borders will remain white but, taskbar color can be changed to any color you like.


  • First of all, select the theme color from ‘Personalization’ > ‘Color’ which you want to keep as the taskbar color.
  • Then, go to Start and search for ‘Run’. Run command would be showed in results, open it up.
  • Type the following in the run command


  • Press ‘Ok’.
  • Press ‘Yes’ if, you are asked for permission.
  • Your ‘Registry Editor’ would open. Here navigate to


  • In ‘DWM’ open ‘EnableWindowColorization’.
  • A pop-up window would open.
  • Simply change the ‘1’ in ‘Value data:‘ field to ‘0’.
  • Press ‘Ok’ and close the ‘Registry Editor’.
  • Now, open up ‘Task Manager’ by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting ‘Task Manager’.
  • Your ‘Task Manager’ should open.

Tip: Switch to detailed view by selecting the ‘More Details’ button.

  • Now, search for ‘Desktop Window Manager’ under ‘Windows Processes’ and select it.
  • Press ‘End task’.
  • You would be asked ‘Do you want to end the weekly buy levitra over night shipping system process’ simply check the ‘Abandon unsaved data and shut down’ button and press ‘Shut down‘ (Don’t worry windows won’t shut down instead your desktop would retstart).
  • You should have different colors for taskbar and windows borders. Your window borders would be White while the taskbar would have the color which you selected earlier.
  • That’s all!

Note: The different color would revert back to statistics generic cialis for sale default one when you change the  color scheme of desktop or restart, log-off or ‘Shut down’.

Here is a quick video showing the same process.

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Source: WinUnleaked

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