How to get and install Windows Media Center in Windows 8 Pro RTM


Windows 8 Pro RTM don’t include Windows Media Center by default but, it  is available as an paid upgrade which costs about $12.79 and you need to buy it in-order to get the upgrade key.

Microsoft announced that Windows 8 won’t get a pre-installed Media Center instead it would be available as an upgrade. Windows Media Center wasn’t included in Windows 8 Release Preview and it had to be activated using a key but, now, with Windows 8 RTM the case is different and everyone would have to but their own key.

You can buy and activate Windows Media Center by following the tutorial below:


  • First of all, go to Start Screen and search for ‘Add features to Windows 8’. It would be showed in results, open it up.

  • You would be taken to the desktop where the ‘Add features to Windows 8’ window would open.
  • Here select ‘I want to buy product key online’.

  • You would be taken to the next window where you would be showed the Windows 8 Media Center Pack which costs about $12.79.

Note: The price would be displayed in your local currency

  • Press ‘Choose’ and you would be showed the payment details. Fill them and up and buy the key.
  • When you have your key for ‘Windows 8 Media Center Pack’ simply, go back to the ‘Add feature to Windows 8’ and select ‘I already have a product key’.

  • In the next window enter you product key and Windows will check for the validity of your key.

  • When verified, press ‘Next’ and accept the license terms by checking the box and press ‘Add features

  • Windows will now add features to your installation.

  • After the adding features process has finished, your PC would restart and install features.
  • After restart, you would have the ‘Windows Media Center’ in your Windows 8 Pro RTM and you would be showed a Thanks window showing ‘you’re all done and your PC is ready to go’.

  • Enjoy!

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The servers for Windows 8 Media Center have been taken and they aren’t expected to be made online until the launch of Windows 8 on October 26. So, its not possible to get the Media Center Pack right now. But, if you have the keys then, the Media Center can be activated in Windows 8 RTM using the above method.


Microsoft is offering Windows Media Center upgrade key for free. Head over to this link for more details.


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  • Jeremy Benisek

    You rock I posted this on TechNet a lot of people asking… you rock!

  • Paul Cornett

    what happened to mce being free for pro?

    • it was never free. all the codecs and licenses where always included in the price of windows. But only a small number of users ever took advantage of it. now Windows is cheeper and MCE is just a little more but overall still cheeper then Previous versions of windows.

      • It is going to be free until December for the retail Pro version.

  • Sweet, except when I click “I want to buy a product key online” all I get is “An error occurred. Close this wizard and try again” Were you doing this in Win8 Pro x64 RTM activated with legit MSDN key?

    • nickriggs

      I’m having the same issue. Did you ever find a work around?

  • Matt

    Has anyone actually gotten this to work? “An error occurred. Close this wizard and try again.” is what everyone is getting.

    • KaraokeAmerica

      I get the same issue. I look forward to trying the “new” version and replacing my Win7 MCE! Hopefully some of the bugs are worked out….;)

      • nickriggs

        Same issue – did you guys every find a work around?

  • Joe2012

    This hasn’t worked for me yet. Who knows, we may have to wait until closer to the consumer release date. I got an answer from TechNet Chat Support that it wont be free for TechNet and MSDN subscribers. So don’t upgrade your Media Center PC’s until someone actually posts that this is finally working. And note that it won’t be free.

  • Matt

    $12.79 on top of my MSDN is fine – I just want it to become available already so I can format my my Media Center PC. What’s up with the delay Microsoft?!

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  • Krazie00

    I’m not getting the Add Features option on Win 8 Pro RTM, activated and without activation. Am I missing something?

    • ProfessorOCD

      I have not tested this on a non-activated PC, but what he describes DOES NOT WORK in an activated copy of Windows 8 Pro RTM (9200).

  • suhail ansari

    Can you give me the key

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  • mario

    I have before windows 7 i love it is great i have control on my programs but o want to try tu use windows 8 it is my nightmare i try to go back to my restore point to erase this windows 8 it doesn’t let me do it i can not even watch movies in my media player

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