How to get a Windows 7 style Start Menu on Surface and Windows RT devices


Windows 8/RT has been re-imagined and the biggest and most noticeable change in it is the absence of traditional Start Menu which has been in Windows OS since Windows 98. Windows 8/RT has a got a new Start Screen aka Modern-UI which has replaced the wow it's great Start Menu but, people upgrading from Windows 7 or previous OS still want to get the Start Menu on their Windows 8/RT tablets and there are a handful of tricks/utilities to get the Start Menu on the taskbar of your Windows.

Start Menu on Windows RT

Getting the Start Menu on Windows 8 with x86 processors is very easy as you just have to install the utility and you will have the Start Menu on the taskbar. But, the newest edition of the Windows family, Windows RT aka Windows 8 on ARM hasn’t got the Start Menu like Windows 8 for x86 and you also can’t get the Start Menu on it. Windows RT, by default,  don’t allow installation of desktop apps which results in no desktop Start Menu utility which can bring Start Menu back on Windows RT devices like Surface.

Although, Microsoft has restricted the installation of desktop apps on Windows RT which results in the lack of viagra superactive Start Menu utility to get Start Menu on desktop but, there are bunch of tricks to get the Start Menu on your Windows RT device.

We recently heard that Windows RT had been jailbroken to run desktop apps and people have also been successful in running selective apps on the desktop of Windows RT. There is also a jailbreak app for Windows RT which brings the Start Menu back on Windows RT devices.

So, if you plan to get the Start Menu on the desktop of your Windows RT devices then, you will have to perform some tricks to get the Start Menu back.

Before getting the utility to get Start Menu on your Windows RT, you must fulfill the below requirements.


  • Your Surface or any other Windows RT device must be jailbroken to run desktop apps. You can download the jailbreak tool from here and get the instructions and details for jailbreak here.

Note: You would need to install the jailbreak utility again after restart. So, restart if, you are ready to repeat all process again.

Now, when you have fulfilled the above requirements, you can get the Start menu utility from this link. It’s the same utility which brings the Start Menu back on Windows 8 x86 but, it has been optimized to run on ARM devices.

Note: Your Surface or Windows RT device must be jailbroken to run this utility.

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