How to Enable Aero Glass Theme in Windows 8 Release Preview


Aero glass theme is a special kind of theme which gives your Windows 8 a glass look by adding more transparency to your current aero theme and makes the buttons and taskbar items flat  which looks like nice. This theme also removes the shadow beside a window. Unfortunately,  this theme is not available by default to select but, there is a trick to activate it with just a sequential theme change.

The major differences between normal aero theme and aero glass theme are specified below.

This tutorial would show how to enable aero glass theme in Windows 8 Release Preview. Just follow the instructions below and you would have Aero glass theme on desktop in seconds.


  • First of all, open up ‘Personalization’  by right clicking the desktop and selecting ‘Personalize’ or simply go to Charms bar > Settings and then press the ‘Personalization’.
  • Your ‘Personalization’ window would open. Now, here activate any aero theme of your choice.
  • After changing the theme, go to ‘Windows Color’ by pressing the link at the bottom of that page. Here select any color for your aero scheme other than the first one which is automatic.
  • After selecting your desired color scheme, drag the color intensity slider to the far most left side. This would increase the transparency of your theme.
  • Press ‘Save changes’ from the bottom of the page. You would be taken back to the ‘Personalization’ windows.
  • Open the ‘Windows Color’ again (this is where our trick to enable aero glass begins)
  • Leave the window open and go to desktop and open another ‘Personalization’ window.
  • This time change the Windows theme to ‘Windows basic’.
  • You would see that all the transparency has gone. Don’t worry it would be back.
  • Now, open the other window we left open in the above steps.
  • In that window, uncheck the ‘Enable transparency’ button and then check it back again.
  • Anything changed? Yes? You now have the aero glass theme which gives you more transparency as compared to normal aero themes


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