How to Dual-Boot Windows 8 Release Preview with Windows 7


Windows 8 Release Preview can be dual boot with Windows 7 so that you can get to test the all new Windows 8 Release Preview without compromising the work space on Windows 7.

You can easily dual-boot Windows 8 Release Preview with Windows 7 and you don’t need to have a lot of experience to do that.

Just follow the instructions below and you would be able to dual-boot Windows 8 Release Preview with Windows 7.

Requirements for dual-boot

  • A bootable device like a USB (4GB minimum but, 8 GB recommended) or a DVD burner with blank DVD
  • At least 20GB of free hard drive space

After you think you have the above given things, then you are ready to go to the next step.

Downloads needed

  • You must have the Windows 8 Release Preview in iso format. It can be downloaded from our download article found here.
  • You would need the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool which can be downloaded from here (Don’t catch the name, it runs perfectly with Windows 8 Release Preview)

Now, after getting the above downloads, you are ready to start the installations process.


  • First of all, we have make a separate partition where Windows 8 Release Preview would be installed. Just right click the ‘Computer’ icon on your desktop or in Start Menu.
  • Select ‘Manage’.
  • A ‘Computer Management’ window would open.
  • Go to ‘Storage’ from left column and then select ‘Disk Management’ from the sub menu.
  • You would see a details of your PC’s partitions in the right column.
  • Now, here you can shrink your one partition to make another. Right click the partition you want to shrink and select ‘Shrink Volume’.
  • A pop-up window would open. Here you can select the partition space for new one. You can enter the value in the third box e.g. 20480 for 20GB. You can convert GB to MB here.

Note: Be sure that you don’t enter the value above the available space.

  • After entering the value of new partition, press ‘Shrink’ button at the end of that window.
  • After few seconds, you would see a new partition in Disk Management. We are done here.
  • Now, open up the Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool which I suppose you have already installed.
  • You would be asked for the source file. Press ‘Browser’ button and select the iso file of Windows 8 RP you downloaded from internet.
  • Click ‘Next’. Here you have to provide the bootable medium. If you want to burn a DVD or USB, select the appropriate one by pressing the name on the right side.
  • You would be taken to the next windows, here confirm the bootable medium from the list. Double Check the device on which you would mount Windows 8 RP.
  • Now, press ‘Begin Copying’. If you were using the USB, then you may be asked to format the device, simply give the permission.
  • After the copying process have completed which would be done in few minutes, close Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool.
  • Now, you are entering the installation phase. ‘Restart’ your PC to boot from that USB or DVD device. Don’t forget to plugin the USB device or insert DVD on which you mounted the Windows 8 RP.
  • Now, you need to boot from USB or DVD device which can be selected pressing a special key. It can be different for every PC brand. So, be sure to confirm which key can let you boot from USB/DVD.

Note: Booting from USB can be disabled in some PC’s by default but, you can enable it from bios menu. If you don’t know how to do that, please contact your hardware manufacturer.

  • On booting from the USB or DVD, you would be taken to the installation process.
  • Just follow the on screen instructions until, you are prompt to select the hard drive partition where you want to install Windows 8. Now, here you need to select the partition which we made earlier.
  • After selecting and double checking the partition, click ‘Install’ and your installation would start.
  • Here the setup process is similar to Windows 7.
  • After restarting few times and configuring your PC, Windows 8 would start few minutes after that.
  • You would need create/login to a Microsoft account.
  • Congratulations. You have the Windows 8 Release Preview

Where is Windows 7?

You would be wondering where is my Windows 7? Don’t worry you can use Windows 7 as well. Whenever, you would boot your Windows PC, you would be asked to ‘Choose an Operating System’ where  selecting Windows 8 would launch Windows 8 RP while selecting Windows 7 would restart your PC and this time you would see your normal Windows 7 logo and launch Windows 7.

You can also upgrade from Windows 8 Consumer Preview to Windows 8RP.


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