How to download YouTube videos using Tube Download app for Windows 8


Windows Store for Windows 8 RTM has now the app which supports YouTube video playback as well as downloading. Yes, you can now download YouTube videos without leaving the Metro Modern-UI of Windows 8. The app supports playback and multi downloading simultaneously. The videos can also be played and downloaded in full HD (if available).

Developed by Lovo Apps, Tube Download is the first one of its kind in Windows Store and best of all, it doesn’t compromise the Immersive Modern experience of Windows 8.

Tube Download has the following features:

  • Play YouTube videos in HD
  • Watch the videos in full screen
  • Search for your favorite videos using the Search Charm
  • Download any video in HD
  • Multiple videos can be downloaded at once
  • Videos can be downloaded in background when the app is minimized
  • Downloaded videos can be instantly played in Video app of Windows 8 by tapping/clicking the download notification
  • Videos are stored in Videos Library of your PC
  • Share your videos using Charms Bar
  • Live tile updates keep you updated with the latest downloaded/played video

This awesome app for Windows 8 is the best video app available in Store but, such awesomeness comes at a price. It is not available for free but, trial is offered for initial testing. In the end, you will have to buy this app by paying the price of $1.49.

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Source: Windows Store Preview

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