How to download from MSDN using the Akamai downloader in IE 10 with resume option


If, you are a MSDN subscriber then, you might be familiar with the Akamai download manager. Akamai download manager is a normal download manager suggested by Microsoft to download items from MSDN and other sites. The Akamai download manager lets you  download the items in more reliable way and you can resume the download from where you left hence, you get the resume capability.

How to download from MSDN using the Akamai downloader in IE 10 with resume option

But, with the release of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, Akamai download manager doesn’t seem to work. If, you try to download anything from Microsoft’s servers like MSDN/TechNet then, your browser’s (Internet Explorer’s) download manager will open instead of Akamai.

Although, other download manager especially that of Internet Explorer give you the same download speed but, if, the download breaks somehow, then, you won’t have the ability to resume it and you will have to restart the download again from scratch.

Well, I was having the same problem and had to download Windows 8 Pro from MSDN but, was having problems downloading with the Akamai download manager. After searching a lot on internet I couldn’t find the possible way to download using Akamai but, then, I decided to download from MSDN using the Internet Explorer 10 in Internet Explorer 9’s compatibility settings and was successful.

What’s the problem?

After spending hours trying to understand, I figured out that the download from MSDN using Internet Explorer was a compatibility problem which was restricting me from downloading using Akamai download manager.

If, you are one of the people trying to download from MSDN/TechNet or/and other platform using Akamai download manager then, you will have to try the following solution to succeed.

You can follow the instructions below to download from MSDN/TechNet using Akamai download manager in Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8.


First of all, you would need to do a bit of changing in the settings of Internet Explorer 10.

  • Open up the Internet Explorer 10 on your desktop and then, press the gear icon on the top right corner of window.

How to download from MSDN using the Akamai downloader in IE 10 with resume option

  • A drop down menu will open. Here select ‘F12 developer tools’.
  • The develop tools will open at the bottom of Internet Explorer screen.
  • You will see the ‘Browser Mode: IE10’ option. Press it.

How to download from MSDN using the Akamai downloader in IE 10 with resume option

  • You would be showed a bunch of browser options. Here press ‘Internet Explorer 9
  • Once selected, the web pages open in your browser will reload.

Now, when you have changed the browser mode of Internet Explorer 10 on your Windows 8/RT PC, lets proceed to the download process.

  • Login to your MSDN/TechNet account and start downloading the item you wish to download using Akamai download manager.
  • This time you would be showed a small message on the bottom on the screen asking to install an add-on. Press ‘Install’.
  • Internet Explorer will ask for your permission. Press ‘Allow’.

How to download from MSDN using the Akamai downloader in IE 10 with resume option

  • Next, you would be asked to select the save location of the file. Select your desired one and press ‘Save’.
  • Now, the download will start in Akamai download manager.

How to download from MSDN using the Akamai downloader in IE 10 with resume option

  • That’s all! You would be able to download the item from MSDN/TechNet using the Akamai download manager with resume capability.

Note: If, you decide to resume a stopped download after closing Akamai download manager using the link on desktop, you will have to change the browser mode of Internet Explorer again to Internet Explorer 9 again, to resume download.

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Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.

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  • Hans E. Molin

    Doesn’t work for me. Still downloads in browser.

    • John

      I needed to start 32-bit Internet Explorer from C:Program Files (x86)Internet Explorer, then it worked – same for you?

  • odalet

    Nice tip! By the way, the problem is not related to Win8, but to IE10 alone: I’m experiencing the same issue with IE10 on Win7.

    And because I’m behind a corporate firewall that prevents from downloading too large files, I really really needed Akamai to work; so thanks a lot!

  • pm

    works perfect! Thanks.

  • pm

    Worked on Windows 7 IE10!

  • Dennis Bischof

    Thx. Works for me 🙂

  • Iain Stevenson

    This trick worked for me, on Win 7 With IE 11. Image attached. Not sure if Document mode 9 was necessary

    • MikeY

      Wow this works! …Inconceivable! 😉
      Thank you so much!
      First off – Yes, User agent string needs to be set to “Internet Explorer 9” *and* the Document Mode needs to be set to “9” for it to work.
      I am an MSDN Subscriber working with IE 11 and Windows 8. For some reason *neither* Microsoft File Transfer Manager nor the Akamai DLM started; instead I was prompted to simply “Save” the file. This is obviously a problem since I want to download the very large Visual Studio 2013.
      So I just spent two hours researching and troubleshooting the issue; I still do not know exactly why and how it suddenly stopped working, and I do not know why simple “compatibility mode” also did not work. Basically I was getting nowhere.
      However, this actually works!!! I am so happy to found first this page and then this post – made *9 hours* prior to the post I am currently writing!
      So thank you so much! I will update a post if I find out “why” this was necessary.

      • Iain Stevenson

        I too was trying to get VS 2013, which failed 3 times at 25, 53 & 75% through. My network can be a bit twitchy (rural broadband) so the faster download they are striving for (due to its unreliability) is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and therefore a lot slower in real terms than the older technologies which have a restart capability. Why do Microsoft make such dumbass decisions all the time these days? VS2013 has some odd features too. I now find you can only add Azure ACS authentication to a web site or service at project creation time….. !

    • Jim Coventry

      Same situation and this fixed it! Thanks so much.

    • abdullah altaf

      thanks 🙂

    • pmdci

      I think the document mode is required. it did not work with me before until I got your suggestion to set the document mode to 9.

  • John

    This really helps! thanks man!

  • Stanislav Branovitskiy

    Ahmad Wahid, thank you, man!

  • Mike

    Best post of 2014 (well 2013, but I needed it in 2014!) Thank you.

    • We’re glad article was helpful for you 🙂

  • AngeFou

    I love you. Thank you very much 🙂 <3