How to download and install Metro Firefox for Windows 8 – Step-by-Step guide


Yesterday, we got the chance to test out the Metro Firefox for Windows 8 which was an un-official and pre-beta version of Mozilla’s browser for Windows 8 but, we didn’t provided the download links as well as the installation guide. You might be wondering why someone would need the installation guide, that’s because it’s not official version and the installation of this Metro Firefox is not similar to other Metro apps of Windows 8.

The installation needs to be done from a different way but, don’t worry if, you are willing to test the Metro Firefox then, this tutorial will be very helpful for you. Just follow the instructions below and you will be able to install the Metro Firefox in minutes.


  • This version of Metro Firefox for Windows 8 is not an official one and it’s full of bugs.
  • Also, some feature may not work as expected so, install it on your own risk. or its team won’t be held responsible if, you mess up your Windows 8 or something else.
  • The Metro Firefox is the property of Mozilla and is downloadable from Mozilla’s own ftp directory (links below). Mozilla holds the rights to modify or remove the files anytime. We are just providing the steps to install.


You will need to download the zipped files of Metro Firefox before installation whose links can be found here. Simply download the ‘’ file or click this link to start downloading the file.


  • First of all, unzip the files using any software. You can use the Windows 8’s extractor tool.
  • Now, after unzipping, simply open the unzipped folder and then navigate to the following”


  • In ‘install’ folder you would see many files. Open up the ‘zipbuildsetup’ file.
  • You would be asked for permission by Windows. Simply press ‘Run’.
  • Command Prompt would open. Let the commands run until you see the ‘Press any key to continue’. Press any.
  • You command prompt would close.
  • Now, go back to the ‘install’ folder. You would see few more files there.
  • Open up ‘registerbrowser’ file. Give permissions if, asked for any. You would be warned about registry edit, simply press ‘Yes’.
  • Your registry would be edited and you would be showed a confirmation message.
  • Go back to the ‘install’ folder and this time open the ‘createshortcut’ file. Your Metro Firefox would be installed.
  • Go to Start Screen and look for the Metro Firefox icon tile at the end. Open it.

Note: As mentioned earlier, it’s an under development version of Firefox which makes it Nightly build. Don’t worry, it has all the feature of Firefox.

Desktop version opens?

Whenever, you would run Metro Firefox from Start Screen, the desktop version will open. That’s because Firefox isn’t your default browser.

  • When the desktop version is opened, you would be asked to make ‘Nightly’ the default browser. Press ‘Yes
  • A pop-up menu would open requiring you to select the browser. Select ‘Nightly’ again.
  • Now, close Firefox and go to Start Screen and press the ‘Metro Firefox’.
  • This time your Metro version of Firefox would open.

Were you able to get the Metro Firefox running? Let us know in the comments below.


Mozilla has finally announced the Metro Firefox for Windows 8 and its is available for download. You can read about more features and downloads here.


Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.

  • Johnny Bravo

    i tried this but don’t see any Firefox metro icon in start menu ,nothing under search either, everything goes as said and looking under programdata/….. /startmenu…… i dont see it installed.Will try again later cheers

    • Ingemar

      right click at start screen, all apps and look for night/firefox icon

  • mvcr110.dll is missing 😕

    • Ingemar

      go to google and search for vc++ 2012 redistributable download, the packet will contain the missing file

  • Johnny Bravo

    mvcr110.dll is presentin download

  • Fred Fowler

    Easier, just download the exe-installer from the same page. But how can I switch the tab style, anyone know?

    • Just right click anywhere on the browser to change the style . Double right click will make the tabs larger.

  • Sream

    Not working here, tried both ways… :/

  • I could not install, does not get in the subway! urgent post a video!

  • Ingemar

    Before i got the firefox style metro splash screen….nothing happend. Now ive fiddled back and forth with it, but nightly starts in desktop mode only. I have checked that night is my preferred/standard browser. But i still havent been able to get firefox to use its metro ui

    • Have you given all the defaults to Nightly?

      • Peter

        By defaults you mean default program, then yes

        • Can you use the IE or Chrome Metro (if installed) in Metro mode if, yes then Nightly is not your default program. Otherwise Nightly should launch in Metro mode.

          • Peter

            IE does not start in metro mode, neither does firefox

          • Interesting! Did you download the correct file and was it installed successfully?

          • Peter

            Yes i did download the correct file and it was correctly installed

          • Okay. Lets start again from scratch. Go to Metro Firefoxfirefoxmetroinstall folder and press unregisterbrowser.reg. Let it edit the files and give permissions and then, give all defaults to Nightly again and see if it works.

          • Peter

            It did not solve the problem, still starts in desktop. (in fact so does IE now)

          • I recommend re-installing the browser using the above method. It worked for me. If, you get some errors like can’t edit registry files etc then, let me know.

          • Peter

            Interesting….screen goes blue (metro firefox background color) but i dont see any firefox logo. Then the screen becomes green (my desktop background color) if i move the mouse cursor towards the top i can see the cursor change to edit textmode (address field).

            If i move it to the top abit to the left, i get the strange firefox metro hand showing up, and when i click the hand changes.

            Its almost as if the firefox metro gui wont render properly (its there but i cant see it)

            Iam using a virtual windows 8 machine (wmware player)
            i guess that can explain it

          • Which Windows 8 version are you using? Windows 8 experience should not be different in virtual machine.

          • Peter

            Iam using windows 8 professional, experience index of 5,5 the virtual machine has been dedicated 2 GB of ram

          • Well, it looks like you will have to wait for the official Metro Firefox version. There is not much I can do about this.

          • I uninstalled the Nightly and reinstalled it. I was also getting the same problem. Here is the solution:

            Open up Nightly and go to Options > Advanced tab. Here check ‘Always check to see if Nightly is the default browser on startup’ and press ‘Make Nightly the default browser’. Press ok and close Nightly.

            Now, go to the Start Screen and open Metro Firefox. Desktop version would open but, you would be able to select default browser from small pop-up menu. Select ‘Nightly’ ‘not metro firefox’. Close the browser again and launch it from Start Screen. hopefully Metro version would open.

          • Peter

            IE does not start in metro neither does firefox

  • Ingemar

    Hm well no wonder, if you check the path….Don’t know if you guys used a special build because i cant get it to work

    • That’s it. Your Nightly tile should be on the Start Screen. Open it up and make Firefox the default browser and you would have Metro Firefox.

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  • Will

    I got it installed so that the metro firefox screen would pop of grey, then turn blue, then crash repeatedly. Never got it to actually open after three different install/uninstalls. Running Windows 8 RTM