How to disable Modern-UI animations of Windows 8.1 – Tutorial [Video]


Windows 8.1 just like Windows 8 shows different transitions and animations while performing different tasks on the Modern-UI. Those animations make the Modern-UI experience more good looking but, some people don’t like those transitions and want their Windows user experience to be simple and plain.

Windows 8 didn’t have the option to disable those animations but, Microsoft have included the option to disable all those transitions with just one press of a button in Windows 8.1

If you want to disable the transitions of Windows 8.1 Modern-UI then, follow the instructions below.


  • First of all, go to Start Screen by pressing the Start button and type ‘PC Settings’.

How to disable Modern-UI animations of Windows 8.1 - Tutorial [Video]

  • PC Settings’ would be showed in the results. Press it.
  • Your ‘PC Settings’ app will open. Here navigate to ‘Ease of Access’ > ‘Other options’.
  • Your ‘Other options’ tab will open. Here you would be showed two different options.
  • Turn off the switch named as ‘Play animations in Windows’.

How to disable Modern-UI animations of Windows 8.1 - Tutorial

  • Now, all your transitions of Modern-UI have been disabled. Pressing any app or performing any function would be done without any transition or animations.
  • That’s all!

Here is a quick video showing the same process and the after and before effects of transitions in Windows 8.1.


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