If, you have been playing games on an Xbox console, on Windows Phone or on your Windows 8 devices then, you might be familiar with the Xbox account which saves the data, game history, achievements and other things for future use. Each Xbox account holder is provided an avatar which works like your character during gaming.

Xbox avatar

The Xbox  Avatars can be customized easily either from web or from your Xbox console but, with the availability of Xbox games for Windows 8/RT, Microsoft has also provided the option to customize your Xbox  Avatar right from your Windows 8/RT device.

If, you are one of the people who play Xbox Games on Windows 8/RT PC’s or tablets and want to customize the look of your avatar then, its possible now right from Windows 8.

Windows 8/RT comes with the Xbox Games app which lets you see all your Xbox account activity like games, game achievements and new releases etc. Xbox Games app also include the options to customize your profile including your Avatar.

Just follow the instructions below to customize your Xbox Avatar from Windows 8/RT.


  • First of all, open up the Games app by going to Start Screen and typing ‘Games’ and the Games app will show up in results. Press it.

Note: If, you can’t find the Games app then, you probably have uninstalled it. You can re-install it from this link.

  • Once the Games app is open, you will automatically be signed-in with your Microsoft account. But, if it doesn’t happen then, you will manually need to sign-in with your Xbox/Microsoft account. Press the arrow button against ‘Network Status‘ on top right corner which will sign-in to your Microsoft account.

How to customize the Xbox Account Avatar using Xbox Games app of Windows 8/RT

  • Once signed-in, navigate to the start of the app. Here you will see your account details along with the Xbox avatar and other information. Select ‘Customize avatar’.

How to customize the Xbox Account Avatar using Xbox Games app of Windows 8/RT

  • You would be taken to another page entitled as ‘Customize avatar’. Here you can customize each and everything of your avatar from clothes, body parts to jewelry and other things.

How to customize the Xbox Account Avatar using Xbox Games app of Windows 8/RT

  • Once you are done customizing your avatar, press the ‘Save’ button to save the changes you have made.

Note: Your customized avatar will sync across all your connected devices like Xbox, Windows Phones and Windows 8/RT PC’s.

  • That’s all!

The video after the break shows the complete process of customizing your Xbox avatar from Games app.

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  • Cuz Yolo

    mine is broke

  • erin

    I have “edit profile” instead of “customize avatar”…. using windows surface with 8.1.. please help, creating an avatar should not be this complicated..

    • Manon

      I have the same problem.. I like a solution as well

  • Donavon Sprague

    -_- This is completely outdated……Please remake this! I am running windows 8.1, everything is the same EXCEPT the button that allows me to edit my avatar!

    • Kristin Mentzel

      Same here!!!! It says edit profile, share achievements, share profile, and change gamertag…. I dunno what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake Deschamps

    me too, someone should tell microsoft about this.

  • nickandfriends

    ok so one i have props and shirts and stuff i have that i got and i got a new harddrive so now i cant find them i go to the games on windows 8 before and got them BUT NOW i dont have them AND i cant get them so guess what my moneys gone and can never use it again thanks xbox you sons of bitches

  • anna dickerson

    no because it still says go to the app