• Cuz Yolo

    mine is broke

  • erin

    I have “edit profile” instead of “customize avatar”…. using windows surface with 8.1.. please help, creating an avatar should not be this complicated..

    • Manon

      I have the same problem.. I like a solution as well

  • Donavon Sprague

    -_- This is completely outdated……Please remake this! I am running windows 8.1, everything is the same EXCEPT the button that allows me to edit my avatar!

    • Kristin Mentzel

      Same here!!!! It says edit profile, share achievements, share profile, and change gamertag…. I dunno what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake Deschamps

    me too, someone should tell microsoft about this.

  • nickandfriends

    ok so one i have props and shirts and stuff i have that i got and i got a new harddrive so now i cant find them i go to the games on windows 8 before and got them BUT NOW i dont have them AND i cant get them so guess what my moneys gone and can never use it again thanks xbox you sons of bitches

  • anna dickerson

    no because it still says go to the app