How to crack the trial/paid apps of Windows 8 to full versions easily [Tutorial]



  • Assuming that you have installed the Windows 8 trial apps and the utility by following the above procedure. Open the ‘wscrack_anycpu’ folder which you extracted earlier from ‘1.4.2 appcrack.rar‘ folder.
  • You will see two different applications in that folder. Open the ‘TokensExtractor’.

How to crack the trial/paid apps of Windows 8 to full versions

  • Windows will ask for your permission to let the program make changes to your computer. Press ‘Yes’.
  • Now, the utility will open. Here you will see the list of apps you have installed on your Windows 8 PC.
  • You will also see whether app has been installed as trial or as full version against the app name.
  • Here search for the app you want to crack to full version. Select it and press ‘Crack it!’ button from the right side of utility.

How to crack the trial/paid apps of Windows 8 to full versions

  • You will get a small pop-up dialog box indicating ‘Cracked!’.

How to crack the trial/paid apps of Windows 8 to full versions

  • That’s all! Your app has been cracked to full version and you don’t have to worry about its expiration anymore. You can repeat the procedure again for other apps.

On which apps the crack works?

I have tested the trick on some apps which I won’t be naming but, it should work on almost all apps.

The cracks should work on all applications which offer trials and can be converted to full versions but, not all features of the apps would be unlocked which are available as paid ones.

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  • Darrin Tyler

    nice dead link. The file doesn’t exist you dumb fuck

  • Ali

    Dose it work on windows 8.1?

    • Nope, the trick used in this method is no longer present in Windows 8.1.

      • Kshitij Mohit Gupta

        but then how can i crack the apps in 8.1? it uses the same apps as windows 8 anyways.. i also noticed that the apps folder is totally locked up and you have to make registry changes to take ownership.. in windows 8, the license file WAS editable while the rest was locked to the system.. not, the whole folder is locked.. idk wht to do..

        • Currently, there is no way to crack the apps in Windows 8.1. We will be sharing any method if, any is found.

          • Kshitij Mohit Gupta

            Also, after gaining ownership, i did not find any license it integrated in the manifest or something? there MUST be someway through!!

  • Artyom

    i have probleem i culd noot install. help.

  • I hate cracks

    Does not work on windows8.1 they fixed the bug

  • zcZxc

    Screw you. You are a thieving asshole.

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  • Space Waffle

    A Dead link!