How to clear cache of Store app of Windows 8/RT to speed up app installation


Windows Store is the primary and probably the only source of apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT which means, you will have to use Windows Store to download most of the apps – unless you have the source of the app. Installing apps from Store is pretty easy and you just have to press the install button and the app(s) is/are installed automatically. But, sometimes, the app being installed stops downloading or the Store gets too much slow and it becomes a pain to browse the Store.

How to clear cache of Store app of Windows 8/RT to speed it up

Good news is that Microsoft has also provided the option to speed up the Store and refresh the installation of apps using the built-in option of Windows 8. You can clear the cache of the Store app from your Windows 8/RT PC to increase the performance of Windows Store and also to speed up or refresh installation of apps.

What really happens?

Microsoft Windows Store just like your web browser stores cache locally on your Windows 8/RT PC to help Store app load faster but, sometimes, the cache becomes a problem and results in slow performance of Store or even disabling of app installation.

If, you wish to speed up the Store app to refresh installation then this is the right place.

Just follow the instructions below to clear the cache of your Store app to increase performance and refresh apps installation.


  • First of all, open up the search charm by pressing ‘Windows key + F‘ or swiping from right and selecting ‘Search‘.
  • Your Search Charm will open. Here type:


  • You would be showed ‘wsreset‘ in results. Press it.

How to clear cache of Store app of Windows 8/RT to speed it up

  • You would be taken to desktop first and then, in a blink of an eye, Store app will open. You would be told “The cache for the Store was cleared. You can now browse the Store for app“.
  • That’s all! Your Store cache has been cleared and you can resume browsing in Store which is fast as new. All your apps will also start downloading from Store after refresh.

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