How to choose the best Windows 8 tablet? The Ultimate guide for newbies


Are you considering on buying a Windows 8 tablet? Can’t choose what to buy? Have you chosen the right tablet? Does it have latest hardware? Is it light and sleek in design? Are you comfortable using it? These are the things you should keep in mind when you plan to buy new tablets not only with Windows 8 devices but, with others like Android, iPad etc.

With Windows 8 just a couple of weeks away, the market is already flooding with Windows 8 devices especially with tablets and everyone would want to buy a new tablet to test the new OS by Microsoft. With hundreds of devices available in market you will surely get lost and will end up buying a device which is either; too much expensive and still don’t have all the features or you will get something that is completely useless.

Don’t worry we have are here to help you choose the best tablet which you would surely love to use and won’t regret buying.

Your budget:

The first thing to consider when planning on buying a new tablet is your dough. You won’t want to spend a lot of cash and then, have difficulties later or you may also not spend a little on tablet and find out that it’s useless. So, it’s very critical to fix the amount you want to spend and that’s the first thing that should be done.

Before getting anything lets’ decided how you would use your tablet.

Home or light usage:

If, you are buying a Windows 8 tablet just for fun and normal use like watching movies, surfing the web, playing small games and to use it as your entertainment device and that includes using the tablet on the move when you are on out of you house or on holidays. You should choose something that do these tasks.

All New Windows 8 tablets that would be available in market will provide the basic features but, here are few thing you shall keep in mind if, you plan to use the tablet as your entertainer.

Good hardware: Try to find something this is not too much powerful or too weak.

  1. Processor: A dual-core processor will play all movies and medium end games which are available in Store.  But, Intel based processor in recommended as you will also be able to access your traditional desktop and use software.
  2. RAM: 1GB of RAM is minimum in Windows 8 devices but, it is not recommended for power users if, you plan to use Windows 8 for multi-tasking. Almost all the Windows 8 tablets have more than 2GB of RAM but, 2GB would be enough for your usage.
  3. Storage: If you intent to store a lot of movies, songs, games or anything in your tablet then, you will have to get a device with large storage e.g. for me when I have few games (not too big ones) in hard drive with a couple hundred of video songs I just need 10GB of space which means the device with 64GB or 128GB of space would be enough for you but, if you prefer to store large amount of data in your hard drive then, you may need larger storage. Windows 8 tablet have about upto 500GB of storage.
  4. Graphics Card: If you plan to use your tablet for gaming then, you may choose your device wisely while keeping the graphics card in mind. All the latest Windows 8 tablets will come with new graphics cards from NVIDIA or maybe Intel.
  5. Battery life: You might want to buy a tablet with long battery backup. I don’t like to plugin the device to charger when I am playing a game or watching a movie on my tablet while laying on bed and I am sure you will also not want this. Windows 8 tablets are usually giving about 4-8 hours of battery life but, some exceptional devices provide upto 12 or 13 hours of timing.

Physical aspects: You will probably buy a tablet which looks good and has a nice shape but, charms are not always good.

  1. Design & Corner: The first thing to consider while buying a tablet is the design. Hold the tablet is your hands and see how if feels. It shouldn’t bee to much thin so its slims from your hand or too thick that is doesn’t fit in your hands. Also, tablets with bevels around corners are better as they are much easier to hold. Some tablets in market come with plastic or magnesium/aluminum body which is pretty good for holding.
  2. Large Screen: You should buy a device with large screen and it can be very useful if, you plan to play games or watch movies. I personally like my Sony Vaio notebook’s big 16-inch screen but, devices with 10 – 13 inch screens are normal especially when you are talking about tablets.
  3. High definitions: If, you want to see every movie in HD then, you should buy a tablet with higher resolution. Although, all Windows 8 tablets will have 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution but, I would recommend 1600 x 900 or 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution if, you want to play game and want everything more visible.
  4. Weight: A good tablet with medium hardware weighs from 1.5 – 2.5 pounds but, if you prefer good hardware then, the weight would be much more. I won’t buy a tablet that is too heavy to hold or carry around. There are tons of ultrabooks around which are heavy and have best features but, they aren’t tablets. So choose wisely.
  5. Miscellaneous: You might want the add-ons like good camera for photography, sim card slot for 3G/4G coverage if, you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi camera etc.
  6. Ports: More ports means more options to attach things to the tablet. The most important slots include the USB, HDMI, VGA and card reader etc.

Keyboards: Most of the Windows 8 hybrid tablets will come with optional dockable keyboards which cost extra but, they increase productivity and makes your tablet a laptop with physical keyboard.

The most important thing: If, you plan to use the tablet on move then, you might want to be thin and easy to hold. There are dozens of thin and sleek devices out there. A thing device means less weight which indirectly results in mobility.

Professional and excessive usage:

If you are planning to buy a Windows 8 tablet for professional usage that includes running heavy software like Visual Studio 2012, latest games like the Battle Field, Max Payne etc  or to use dozens of software/apps at a time then, you should buy something more powerful.

Not all tablets available in market are powerful enough to handle professional and excessive work but, some of them are really powerful which have the latest hardware to handle that load.

Powerful hardware: You must choose a tablet which is running the latest hardware so that you get the best performance when running a lot of heavy software.

  1. Processor: A tablet with latest third generation Ivy bridge processor is best for professionals. You can buy Core i3, i5 or i7 processors which some of the high end Windows 8 tablets are already running.
  2. RAM: If, you prefer to multitask and use heavy software then, you will need more RAM to handle them. In my opinions 4GB of RAM in enough for me when, I use Photoshop CS6, Visual Studio 2012, Media Player for songs, Internet Explorer for web browsing with a minimum of dozen tabs and yes, some background software like uTorrent etc at the same time but, you can choose upto 8GB of RAM for your Windows 8 tablets.
  3. Storage: if you are a professional Windows user then, you will need more disk space. Windows 8 tablets are usually having 128 – 256 GB of internal storage but, some high end tablets offer upto 500GB or one to two offer 700GB of space which is pretty enough.
  4. Graphics: You might need latest graphics cards for smooth working but, more higher GPU increases the price of tablet.
  5. Battery life: Being a professional you will need more battery backup so, you should choose the tablet wisely. A tablet with processor and GPU will give less battery life except if, it’s not having some powerful battery. Most of the Windows 8 tablets give 8-10 hours of battery backup life but, powerful battery makes the tablet more heavy and bulky.

Physical features:
If you are a professional and want to buy the tablet that is powerful then, you shouldn’t take the physical features of tablets seriously but, some are critical.

  • Large Screen: You might prefer larger screen as working on screens that are large and have high resolutions make it easy especially, if you are doing some graphics work. Windows 8 tablets usually have 10 – 13 inches of screens.
  • Resolution: Select the tablet having highest resolution so that you can take advantage of every single pixel of your screen. Windows 8 tablet have the highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 except few which have more resolution than that.
  • Ports: You might need extra ports on your tablet like the USB, HDMI to connect your tablet to a HD TV, VGA slot for connecting your tablet to a second monitor and card reader to add more storage to your device.
  • Weight: If you prefer powerful hardware then, you will have to get the tablets that are more bulkier in size as more hardware means more space to pack it and ultimately larger size.

Keyboard: You may also like to buy a tablet which comes with a dockable keyboard. Most of the hybrid tablets comes with optional keyboards. You might have to buy the keyboard if, you prefer the productivity of physical keyboard.

Finding the right tablet for you:

Once, you have decided to buy a tablet and have enough bucks to buy something. You should go exploring the products. Don’t just go to a shop or online website and buy a tablet. Always, explore the different products and closely look at their features and specifications.


Once you think you have selected the tablet that fulfill your requirements, you will need to get to its pricing. It’s obvious that more bucks will get you more & better cheese but, still choose what is best.

Tip: It is a good practice to spend a bit more to get the best thing instead of spending less and getting a thing which is either useless or doesn’t fulfill you requirements.

Now, after reading the above guidelines I am sure will be able to select your Windows 8 tablet more efficiently and will choose the best hardware and features which you like.

Bottom line:

Always choose the things which you like. Never go to opinions of others and the item that you like for the first time is the best thing.


Ahmad Wahid

Being a University student of computer, has developed keen interest in technology and like to test out the new gadgets. His interests include Social Networking as well.