4 New Features of the Windows 8.1 to help make the integration with Modern-UI better are:

  1. Option to boot directly to desktop
  2. Option to go to ‘All Apps’ section
  3. Option to view desktop apps first in ‘All Apps’ section
  4. Use desktop wallpaper as Start Screen background

Boot to Desktop on Sign-in

Now, the feature of booting, directly, to desktop, instead of Start Screen has been enabled in Windows 8.1. Remember this is not enabled by default.

You are needed to enable the option, by going to taskbar properties. For the purpose, follow the instructions.

1.   Right click or tap and hold on taskbar. A pop up menu will appear.

2.   Here select ‘Properties’.

Toolbars - Windows 8.1

Toolbars – Windows 8.1

3.   Again, a pop up window will appear. Here click ‘Navigation’ .

Taskbar-and-Navigation-Properties - Windows 8.1

Taskbar-and-Navigation-Properties – Windows 8.1

Navigation – Windows 8.1

4.    Check ‘When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop, instead of Start’.

Navigation - Windows 8.1

Navigation – Windows 8.1

  1. Now, Press ‘Apply’ to save the settings:
Check-&-Apply - Windows 8.1

Check-&-Apply – Windows 8.1

Once saved, you would be taken directly to desktop instead of Start Screen when you sign-in for the next time.

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