How to Hide Specific Hard Drive Partitions from My Computer in Windows 8 Developer Preview


Microsoft’s Windows have been carrying the features of hiding the drives from My Computer since it was first released. Keeping its tradition, Microsoft has kept this amazing feature in Windows 8 Developer Preview. You can hide your drives from other users using the same PC.

You need to go through some specific files and then select enable in-order to hide your specific drive. The steps of hiding the drives is a bit difficult but if done properly you can hide you drives in a matter of few seconds.

Just follow the steps below to hide the drives from My Computer:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ to go ‘Run’ app
  • Type


  • Press ‘ok’
  • ‘Local Group Policy Editor’ should open in a pop-up window
  • Navigate to

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer

  • In the ‘Windows explorer’ tab, you would see a number of settings which can be configured to make changes to Windows. Open up ‘Hide These Specific Drives From My Computer’. It should be on the 25th number by default.
  • Another pop-up window would open.
  • Select ‘Enabled’ and choose the drive you want to hide from My Computer from the drop down menu
  • Press ‘ok’
  • Now, Go to ‘My Computer‘ and the drive you choose would be hidden
  • That’s all



Note: This tip only hides the drive from my computer. However, the hidden drive can be accessed from other means like a run command, command prompt, navigation pane etc. You can change the restriction of the drives by visiting the article published by Windows 8 Core on How to Restrict Access to Disk Drives in Windows 8 Developer Preview


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