Microsoft’s Windows have been carrying the features of hiding the drives from My Computer since it was first released. Keeping its tradition, Microsoft has kept this amazing feature in Windows 8 Developer Preview. You can hide your drives from other users using the same PC.

You need to go through some specific files and then select enable in-order to hide your specific drive. The steps of hiding the drives is a bit difficult but if done properly you can hide you drives in a matter of few seconds.

Just follow the steps below to hide the drives from My Computer:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ to go ‘Run’ app
  • Type


  • Press ‘ok’
  • ‘Local Group Policy Editor’ should open in a pop-up window
  • Navigate to

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer

  • In the ‘Windows explorer’ tab, you would see a number of settings which can be configured to make changes to Windows. Open up ‘Hide These Specific Drives From My Computer’. It should be on the 25th number by default.
  • Another pop-up window would open.
  • Select ‘Enabled’ and choose the drive you want to hide from My Computer from the drop down menu
  • Press ‘ok’
  • Now, Go to ‘My Computer‘ and the drive you choose would be hidden
  • That’s all


Note: This tip only hides the drive from my computer. However, the hidden drive can be accessed from other means like a run command, command prompt, navigation pane etc. You can change the restriction of the drives by visiting the article published by Windows 8 Core on How to Restrict Access to Disk Drives in Windows 8 Developer Preview

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