Here is how Windows 10 for Phones will turn your device into a full-PC with mouse/keyboard in seconds [Video]


We already know that Windows 10 will bring the mobile and PC platforms closer than ever by giving the ability to run same apps with 99% similar code on both platforms. Microsoft also introduced Continumm, the codename of project for Windows 10 on touch screen devices few months ago and since, then it is being continuously improved.


Now, during the Build 2015 conference held on April 29, 2015, Microsoft has revealed that the Continumm won’t only bring optimizations to tablets and touch screen devices but, Phones running mobile version of Windows 10 will also get the same.

Windows 10 on Phones will have the ability to change your Phone to a full-blown Windows PC with support for mouse and keyboard. Once you have connected your Windows Phone to an external screen, Continumm will spring into action and you will be able to use your phone as a full-PC.

Continumm will convert the apps of your Phone to work on large screens with mouse and keyboard support just like you are using them on a real PC. The apps will be converted thanks to the universal app design which can work on any device size.

The video below shows how your phone will be changed to a full-PC in seconds without the need to modify anything your phone.


It is to be noted that this functionality will be coming to the future flagship Windows Phone devices which will run Windows 10 mobile but, current generation devices won’t be able to optimize this function due to limitations in hardware.

So, would you like to use this feature on your Phone?

Source: YouTube


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