Here is how to create Windows 8.1 bootable recovery USB/ISO with embedded key using the tool from Microsoft [November 2014]


We have seen many ways to create recovery media and download the new ISO files from Microsoft right on your PC using the official tool from Microsoft. Now, the software giant has released yet another tool to help you download and create the ISO file. The tool can also help you create bootable USB or DVD using the ISO which we downloaded.

This tool won’t just let you create bootable USB or DVD and/or save the ISO but, it will also embed your Windows 8.1 key in the ISO neglecting the need to re-enter the product key during installation. The tool will extract the key from your Windows 8.1 installation which was running on your PC during the media creation process but, if you were using the Windows 7 then, you might need to manually enter the product key.

Note:This will also activate your Windows 8.1 after installation but, if your Windows was not activated or your key was illegal then, your Windows might not get activated.

Follow the instructions below to create a bootable USB/DVD with your embedded key or you can create an ISO with the key in it.


  • Media Creation Tool by Microsoft lets you select the language, version to install and then, architect to download.


  • Once you have selected the version and language, you will be asked to select the type of media you want where you get the option to create an ISO file or bootable media using your USB or DVD.


  • Once you have selected the type of downloads, the tool will download the Windows version and then, automatically create the bootable media and/or save the ISO file to selected location.


  • That’s all! You can use the USB/DVD to boot from that media and install Windows 8.1 from it.

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