Here are the new features of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10074 for PC


Microsoft has finally launched a newer build of Windows 10 Insider Preview for PC which is available in the form of ISO as well as upgrade via Windows Update. The new build, 10074, of Windows 10 includes many new features and improvements as compared to the last build.

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The build 10074 of Windows 10 Insider Preview has the following changes:

  • Improvements in the overall user interface: Microsoft has made changes and improvements in the user interface of Windows 10 build 10074. The high resolution DPI has been fixed and the Start Menu Blur has been adjusted to 50%.  The Aero Glass is also returning on some locations.
  • Improvements in the Continumm on tablets: The tablet mode of Windows 10 also known as Continumm has also been improved where you will be taken to the full-screen Start Menu instead of desktop when you close an app.
  • Multi-tasking: Microsoft has also made improvements in the multi-tasking tool, snap assist of Windows 10. You can now close apps from Snap Assist and some new shortcuts like Alt + Tab are also supported.
  • New default sounds: Microsoft is finally adding new sounds to the build 10074 of Windows 10 Insider Preview which are being added after Windows 8 RTM back in 2012.
  • Better integration between Cortana and Start with improved interface: Cortana is being overhauled in this build of Windows 10 Insider Preview. Searching for anything in the Start Menu will bring up Cortana where all results would be showed.
  • Instant answers are coming to Cortana: Microsoft is also adding instant answers to the Cortana which will let Cortana give you answers even while you haven’t finished writing the query. The instant answers will be powered by Bing Instant Answers.
  • Updates to the Music and Video Preview apps in Store beta
  • Update to the Xbox app: This new update for Xbox app adds the DVR function for games, screenshot taking ability, live tile support and user profiles. Xbox controllers can now be connected to Windows 10 device without the need to install the drivers as they come bundled in it.
  • Improvements to the Store beta: Microsoft is making big changes to the Store beta of Windows 10 where the overall interface is being changed to Blue. The Xbox live games can now be played and apps bought in the Windows 8.1 Store will also appear in the Store beta. Store beta is also being expanded to 41-new markets around the world.

The above changes are just the visual/functional changes which have been made in the latest build of Windows 10 Insider Preview whereas, there might be hundreds and thousands of under-the-hood changes.

Stay tuned, as we will soon be posting hands on experience to all these changes in build 10074 of Windows 10.

Source: Blogging Windows


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