Google Launches Chrome Metro Browser for Windows 8 – Hand on Photos and Video


Google has finally launched the long awaited Chrome Metro Browser for Windows 8. As the name suggests, it is the Metro version of Chrome browser but, it has some style changing and the menus and address bar have been metrofied. The extensions and add-ons also work in it and the google account syncing is there.

We knew that Google was working on a Metro Chrome and few fays back, we heard the official news about Metro Chrome’s launch but now, it has been launched for public testing.

Being the test version, Metro Chrome may have some bugs but, in my initial testing it worked perfectly fine.

Metro Chrome has the following features:

  • The overall interface is similar to Chrome desktop browser
  • The menus and address bars have been metrofied with solid colors
  • You can use it in aero snap
  • Full Screen support is also there
  • The about and settings page have been moved to Charms Bar along with permissions and help options
  • HTML 5 benchmark results have been improved to 427 from 402.

Chrome works awesomely just like its desktop brother and the HTML 5 performance have been improved and the HTML 5 score is now 427 which is 402 in stable build of Chrome. It also have the flash support which was firstly removed from Metro IE in Windows 8 Consumer Preview but, then added back in Windows 8 Release Preview.

But, one things I observed was that when you open the about page, the about page of Metro Chrome would open in a pop-up window (Refer the image below) which is similar to its desktop brother and the dialog box has Aero effects from desktop. This problem may be because Metro apps doesn’t allow pop-ups and this version of Chrome works in desktop but, provides Metro user experience.

Here is a quick walk through video showing the major features of Metro Chrome and some screenshots showing the different aspects have been added later.



This awesome Metro browser for Windows 8 is available for download from Chrome dev channel. Just head out to the link below and select dev channel for Windows and your download would launch automatically.

Download Metro Chrome


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