Google Calendar and Contacts won’t sync with Windows 8/RT from today


The People and Calendar app of Windows 8/RT lets your sync the Google contacts and Calendar to your Windows 8/RT PC for easy access but, you won’t be able to get that sync anymore due to the changes in the policies by Google.

Google Calendar and Contacts won’t sync with Windows 8/RT from today

Google last month announced that services using the Exchange ActiveSync, or EAS protocol from Microsoft to sync the Google services won’t work after January 30, 2013. Now, the date is here and from now on, you won’t get the option to sync Google Calendar and contacts to the Calendar and People app of Windows 8/RT respectively.

Microsoft has announced that the Mail app of Windows 8 will still keep syncing the new emails from Gmail by Google but, Google Contacts and Calendar won’t be synced to your Windows 8 apps.

The good news is that people who have already connected their Windows 8 apps to Google account and have synced Contacts and Calendar will keeping getting syncing but, people who set up the services after January 30, 2013 won’t be able to get the Google Contacts and Calendar items on your Windows 8/RT apps.

Source: Microsoft


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  • google (gratiously) extended the deadline to 31 July 2013

    • The extension is made for Windows Phone only, Windows 8/RT users won’t get the extended sync after January 30, 2013.

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  • Michael Vinther

    It seems google’s calender still supports iCal – that is how I get it into Thunderbird – so if MS wanted to they could get the calender that way.

  • Ted Ann Arbor

    I assume that this only relates to the APPS that deal with Google. If I have a browser running on Windows 8, I can’t imagine that it would operate any differently on a Surface Pro than it would on a desktop. Right?