How to get upto 30GB of free cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive using Android, iOS and Windows Phone


Cloud Storage is becoming one of the most used storage type on mobile devices where you can store your personal data and photos from mobile devices to online storage without the need to store them individually on your local media.

Although, there are many cloud storage services available in the market, nowadays, including the Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google’s Drive, Apple’s iCloud as well as third party services like Dropbox and Box etc. But, almost all of them are not that feasible for use after seeing their prices but, if you are looking for a couple of GB’s as free storage then, Microsoft OneDrive is your best option.

Microsoft is now offering upto 30GB of free cloud storage on your mobile devices whether you are using the OneDrive on Windows Phone, desktop, Android or iOS device, you will get the 30GB of lifetime cloud storage for FREE – 15GB as sign up bonus and 15GB after opting in to store and upload your photos to OneDrive.

It is clear that you will immediately get the 15GB of sign up bonus on OneDrive which will remain yours for lifetime but, you can also get additional 15GB of storage for lifetime if you download and opt to upload your photos to OneDrive automatically from your camera roll.


Simply download the OneDrive app on your respected device from the links at the end of this post and opt-in to automatically to upload your camera roll photos to OneDrive and Microsoft will give you additional 15GB of storage making a total of 30GB. You can use that 15GB of storage to store your photos or any other stuff you want.

Seems simple? It is! I personally use OneDrive to store my photos and have got thousands of photos stored there which is becoming very easy and handful feature since, I don’t have to worry about individually saving my photos to PC. Instead, my photos are automatically uploaded to OneDrive from all my devices whether it’s my Lumia Windows Phone, Nexus Android device or an iPhone whenever I connect to Wi-Fi.

For those of you wondering, you can see the additional storage as ‘Camera roll bonus’ where you will get 15GB and another 15GB will be mentioned under ‘You plan’ (refer the screenshot below) – Yp I got free space from many other Microsoft promotions including loyalty bonus.


So, what’s the hold up? Go download and sign up for the OneDrive and get 15GB and start uploading photos from your phone and get another 15GB of free storage. This offer is for limited time only!

Download OneDrive app:


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